Summary and theme of the poem "FOG" by Carl Sandburg

In this article, I have given a summary, theme, and reference to the context of the poem Fog written by Carl Sandburg. This article is for the student of graduate and English literature students of Punjab University. I have written this article in simple words, students can easily learn it.

Summary of the poem "fog"

The Poem" FOG"

CARL SANDBURG (1878-1967)

Introduction of the poet

 Carl Sandburg was born in 1878 and died in 1967. Carl Sandburg was an American poet who won the Pulitzer Prize three times. He also wrote a biography of Abraham Lincon. During his lifetime, he was considered a very important figure in literature. He wrote stories for children.

Introduction of the poem

The poet personifies fog and compares fog with a cat who crawls stealthily. Fog moves across the harbor and city, mystifying the environment.

Summary of the Poem

In this image of Fog, the poet is depicting a beautiful picture about the arrival of a foggy and misty environment. He says that the fog comes noiselessly like a cat. Soon it spreads over the whole area and it covers the harbor and city under its blanket. It seems as some cat is sitting on its hind legs. At last like an animal, it moves away along with its dark covering.

The theme of the poem

In this poem, the poet presents fog like human beings. He personified fog with the cat who comes silently and spread all over the world. It covers all things around. It remains in seaports and city then it goes away. This poem is written in very few words but has a great message in it. He presents fog as a human being.

Reference to Context

These lines have been borrowed from the poem "Fog" by Carl Sandburg. 


In this poem, the poet has personified fog as a white cat because the movements and actions of both are the same. Both come noiselessly ad go silently. Gog comes to the poet and the city, it sits there for some time. it seems as some cat is sitting on its hind legs. Then it moves away as silently as it comes.

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