The summary and theme of the poem " KUBLA kHAN' written by S. T. Coleridge

In this article, I have written the summary, theme, critical Appreciation, and reference to the context of the poem Kubla khan written by S. T. Coleridge. This article is for the students of college and university level. I have also given an introduction of the poet and the introduction of the poem. This is a very important poem for B.A, students of the University of Punjab.

Summary of the poem Kubla Khan

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S. T Coleridge (1772-1834)

Introduction of the poet

S. T. Coleridge was a great poet. He was also a lecturer. He was a great critic and philosopher. He was a great Romanic poet. He wrote the lyrical Ballad in collaboration with Wordsworth. His famous works are The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Kubla Khan, and Biographia Literaria. Coleridge introduced the phrase suspension of disbelief. His critical work on Shakespeare is very important. Throughout his life he faced.  depression. He was physically unhealthy and used opium regularly. His works influenced all major poets.

Introduction of the poem

Kubla Khan ordered a beautiful palace for him in Xanadu. The palace was to be situated on the bank of the sacred river Alph. This place is covered with walls and towers. There were also forests and hills. A great fountain is flowing in the palace. The sacred river Alph was flowing from this fountain. The river ran into a lifeless ocean. Kubla khan heard the voices of his dead forefathers. Coleridge beautifully pictured the palace.


Coleridge was a great romantic poet. he had great power of imagination In 1779, he was reading the book "Purcha's Pilgrimage". The book had a chapter on a voyage to China. The poet fell asleep during the course of reading the book. When he woke, he wrote this poem. In this poem, the poet uses a great imagination.

The poet tells us that Kubla Khan was the king of China. He ordered his men to build a place for him in an imaginary city Xanadu. The palace was a miracle of rare device. It covered an area of ten miles. It was encircled with walls and towers. 

The sacred river Alph ran by it. It flowed through caves that were immeasurable. the palace also contained gardens. The bright streams ran through those gardens. There were trees that were laden with fragrant flowers. The site was encircled by forests as ancient as the hills. It also contained sunny spots of greenery.

The palace had one wonderful thing. It was the romantic chasm that sloped down the green hill. It was sheltered by a cove of trees. The place was holy and enchanted. A powerful fountain flowed from that romantic chasm It flowed with great force. it seemed as if the earth were having heavy breaths. The water of this fountain sprang up with great force.

The forceful water threw away huge stones in the air. It presented the same scene as the hails rebounding after striking the earth. The rocks around the fountain seemed to be dancing due to the movement of water.

The holy river Alph ran through an area of ten miles. It passed through the valley and the forests in a zigzag manner. It also passed through caves immeasurable to man Finally, it sank into a lifeless ocean produced strange noise when it entered the sea 

Critical appreciation

Kubla khan by S.T. Coleridge is the best example of pure imaginative poetry. Coleridge was one of the celebrated poets of the Romantic era. He was deeply fascinated by the metaphysical and supernatural elements. In this poem, he makes good use of his imagination and takes the readers into a world full of mystery. His narration is so powerful that is impelled to a willing suspension of disbelief.

Coleridge gives a detailed description of Kubla khan’s pleasure dome. It was got constructed fin the sacred land of Xanado where the sacred river Alph, having flowed through measureless caves falls into a sunless sea. This pleasure dome covers an area of five square miles. It is full of gardens which shine with the water of winding streams There are trees and plants decked with fragrant flowers in this garden This pleasure dome contains such forests as are ancient like hills.

There is a chasm across a green hill that fascinates the poet. It is a place where a distracted maiden must. Have wailed for her demon- lover. A measureless spring sprouts from this chasm and it looks as if the earth were breathing heavily as the water comes out of it. Kubla khan listens to the voice of his ancestors in this jumble of various sounds, His ancestral voices wan him of impending wars. It adds to the supernatural impact of the poem.

 Reference to the context


These lines have been squeezed from the poem "Kubla Khan" written by S.T. Coleridge. 


In this poem, the poet tells us that Kubla khan ordered to build a pleasure dome in Xanadu. The river Alph ran by it. The palace covered an area of ten miles. The whole area was fertile There were gardens that glittered with the waters of rivers. The fragrant trees grew around it. it was a holy and enchanted place.

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