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Muhammad Amin Goher

Goher Amin is a project of Muhammad Amin Goher. He shares his English Grammar, English Composition, and Linguistics articles here.

The sole aim of building this blog is to serve the students and teachers across the globe with free knowledge and advice. Muhammad Amin Goher is SST English at Govt H/S Hussain Khan Wala Hithar. He is MPhil in English Linguistics + Literature. He is also an M.A in Education from the University of Education Lahore.

He is also leading Usman Academy. His work on Linguistics and Culture is published in the National Journal of Human Race in Germany.

Goher Amin Project

Goher Amin is a pure educational project. We have the following statements to show:


A platform where students and teachers have free access to English grammar and composition resources


To impart expert reviews and grammar skills to everyone who can access the internet.

Muhammad Amin Goher (CEO)

Muhammad Amin Goher is the owner and CEO of the Goher Amin website. He has been rewarded the "Excellence in Writing" award by Allama Iqbal Academy or Literature Lahore.

He holds the "STD reward" by PSTU. He has done research work on Speaking, and Essay writing in ESL problems face by the students.

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