Summary of the poem New year resolutions for B.A students of Punjab University

In this article, I have explained a summary of the poem New Year Resolution. I have also given the introduction to the poem and poet in brief. This summary can be written for every question and reference to the context also. If a student prepares this summary he or she can attempt every question about the poem New Year Resolution. 

The poem New Year Resolution

Introduction of the poet and poem
Elizabeth Sewell is a National Award winner from an American Academy for her literary creations. She has aspirations and ambitions in her life. 

In this thought-provoking poem, the poetess presented three resolutions which she has made on the eve of New Year. This poem describes the extraordinary resolutions of the poets. At the arrival of New Year, every person checks his past life and made resolutions for next year. The poetess has explained three Philosophical resolutions. 


New Year Resolutions by Elizabeth Sewell is a very short but very meaningful poem. In his poem, the poetess points out the general attitude towards the arrival of the New Year. It is considered to be a time of celebration. People do not think about their deeds in the past year. Actually, they lack courage and cannot face their weakness, but the poetess shows us another way to welcome the new year. She recounts her past mistakes and resolves to improve her character on daily basis in the New Year.

The poetess resolves to remain silent for most of the time. It seems that she has broken some hearts in her free speaking. Now, she wants to make an amened to that. Her silence will purify her soul. She will be able to think more about her behavior. It will enable her to understand her responsibilities as a human being

She also resolves to think twice daily about who she is. In this way, she wants to check herself from doing anything inhuman. Actually, she wants to learn the true purpose of her creation It is nothing but the service of humanity. She will be able to think of her role in human society. It will strengthen her character and her will. 

The reality, sometimes, is very bitter. Not all people have the courage to face it its painful pressure may shatter to pieces the mountains of tolerance and patience, but the poetess is ready to face reality however harsh it may be. She personifies reality and resolves to sleep in its painful bony arms. She wants to have spiritual peace at the cost of physical pain.

All these resolutions may prove helpful in leading a balanced life. I would make the same resolutions at the arrival of the New Year. 

The poem has three stanzas. No rhyme scheme is present here. We can call it a free-verse poem. Very delicate ideas have been explained. Words of the poem keep depth in them. The mood of this poem is serious and realistic. The poem has a philosophical touch it and this thing has made this poem different and unique. The poetess remains successful in giving a message through her poem. 

The message of the poem 

In this thought-provoking poem, the poetess draws our attention toward character building. According to poetess, people are good who analyze their mistakes and try to improve themselves. Every person should make some resolutions at the arrival of the New Year. We should realize our duties and perform them honesty. Let us make some new resolutions in the New Year. Purify ourselves from every sin.

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