Theme and summary of the poem All the world's a stage by William Shakespeare

In this article, I have given the summary and theme of the poem All the world's a stage written by William Wordsworth. This poem is included in the syllabus of B.A. students of Punjab University.
I have given the summary and theme in easy language. Any question can be attempted with help of this summary. 

summary All the worl's a stage by Shakespeare

Summary of the Poem All the world's a stage

Shakespeare is a great writer and artist of the 16th century. He studied human nature comprehensively. He has studied human nature and life quite objectively. Shakespeare called this world a stage and all human beings are just their characters. All human beings perform their respective roles and quit this world. This poem describes that life is like a journey and all human beings are travelers. He has cover seven stages to complete this journey. When he completes one stage or goal, he enters into another stage or goal. Everybody in this world performs seven roles and completes the journey of life.

In the first stage, a man appears as a child in the world. As a child, he is a helpless creature. He cries in the arms of this nurse for one reason or the other. He cries and vomits. In the second stage of life, he becomes a school-going boy. He goes to school with a bag hanging around his shoulders. He goes to school creeping like a snail. He goes to the school unwillingly.

In the third stage, a man plays the role of a lover. he grows into a young man full of desires. ambitions and dreams. He becomes a romantic young man. He falls in love and sighs like a furnace In the fourth stage, he becomes a soldier. In this stage, he is emotional and jealous. He is ready to do any task for fame and reputation. He quarrels with others for grace and honor.

In the fifth stage, he becomes a judge. In this stage, he becomes mature and experienced. The heat of his youth completely cooled down and he becomes very realistic. He wants to get money and wants to be rich. he begins to accept bribes and thus adds much to his material comfort. His belly becomes round. He eats healthy fowls and cocks presented to him as bribes.

In the sixth stage, man grows old. he looks quite ridiculous in his movements. He wears glasses because his eyesight is weak. His shoes become wide for his feet. His voice suffers a change. It becomes a shrill and quivering whistle. Then man plays the final role of his life. here we find him turned into a child once again. He seems to forget everything. He becomes toothless. His eyesight weakens and he is deprived of taste. He is ready to leave this world. In this way, man completes the journey of life.

The theme of the poem

In this poem, the poet describes that this world is like a stage. All men and women are its characters. One man comes into this world, performs his role, and quits this world. Every man has to perform seven roles in this world. Without performing these seven roles he or she can not leave this world. This poem suggests to us that this world is mortal and we have to leave this world later or sooner. According to this poem God create is and allot us seven roles, after performing our roles, we have to leave this world. In this poem, the poet draws a realistic picture of human life. We have to play our fixed roles and after performing our roles, we have to leave this world.

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