Summary and Theme of the poem "Metro: Paris" by Ezra Pound

In this article, I have given a summary, theme, critical appreciation and, reference to the context of the poem Metro-Paris written by Ezra pound. I have written this article in very simple language and with quotations. This article is for the students of Punjab University. This article is for the students of college and university.

Summary of the poem Metro-Paris

The Summary of the Poem


Ezra pound ( 1885-1972)


This image is a masterpiece of still life. The poet has used a small number of words to describe his thought. The poet has painted a vivid image of city life visualized through his imagination.


The poet has described his feelings when he saw a sight of Metr-Paris railway station. He says that the appearance of the faces in the crowd looks just like those petals which are hanging on a wet black branch. These sickly faces create an impression like few petals still left sticking on a bough. Here he wants to criticize those people who try to spend unnatural and fast life which is depriving man of his good health because, in such a life, We have a harmful and polluted environment.

Critical Appreciation

" Metro-Paris is a very, very short poem comprising of the two lies. It took the poet 18 months to compose this single-sentence poem. This short poem appears to be a masterpiece of still life. The poet tells how the crowd of people sem to him at the tube station of the railway in Paris. 
The faces of the persons at the tube station of the railway in Paris seem to him as wet petals on a black branch. A very fine picturesque quality is found in the poem. The people at the railway station are soul-less having pale eyes, yellow faces, and dull impressions. They are like dead leaves on a dead branch of a tree. 

The long cylinder-like station appears to be like a wet bough and the faces of people are like petals. The metaphors of petals and wet bough are beautifully presented. Black stands for grief, sorrow, and death. The atmosphere is uncomfortable and dull without any sign of life. The poet paints a beautiful picture through his imagination.

Reference to Context


These lines have been taken from the poem Metro - Paris written by Ezra Pound.


In this poem, the poet describes the apparent look of people who are soulless and have become fade-faced. He compares the people with the petals and the tube station with a black bough. This is a beautiful description of busy and worried human beings.

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