Summary of the poem "Tartary" written by Walter De La Mare for B.A students of Punjab University

The Poem "Tartary"

"Tartary" is a beautiful poem written by Walter DE La Mare. This poem is included in the syllabus of B.Students of Punjab University. This summary can be written if any question can ask in the examination. I have written this summary in this way that this summary can use for reference to the context. Tartary poem is also very important in exams point of view.

Introduction of the poet

 Walter De La Mare is a famous romantic poet. The poet becomes a dreamer and dreams through his imagination. The poem is highly subjective. Poet’s lust for dignity and power is unlimited. After reading the poem, one finds that perhaps the poet has visited or read about the dignity and splendor of any great monarch of the world. He becomes an object of laughter on account of his lust for fame. He wants to become a lord of an imaginative island which is called Tartary. He imagines in his court would be a very splendid place full of awe and dignity. He would have slaves and servants to bring out his orders. Tartary would be full of luxuries and he would own everything.

Introduction of the poem Tartary

Walter De La Mare is a famous poet and prose writer. He presents supernatural and highly imaginative themes. The present poem is the product of his creative and ambitious mind. The poet dreams of becoming a great lord of the land of Tartary, which is enriched by beautiful and bewitching sights. Its delightful colors of animate and inanimate life Fascinate human minds


“Tartary' is a good example of a journey to the imagination world with is no exit in the real world. The poet, in this poem, seems to be fed up with the rush of modern life. He wants to live a pleasant, placid life. It is not possible in the modern world. Therefore, the poet escapes to the world of imagination. He expresses his desire to be the sole ruler of an imaginary land, Tartary. He, perhaps, believes that it is the only way to live a life he wants to. The poem is full of sensuous imagery. It gives this poem a romantic tinge. 

The poet, as a sole ruler of Tartary, desires to sit on a throne of beaten gold and sleep in a bed of ivory. He wishes Peacocks to adorn his court and colorful fishes to increase the beauty of his pools. His dress would be decorated with shining beads of different colors. 

Seven Zebras would pull his carriage. He would go hunting through the dark jungles of Tartary. The trumpeters would summon him for meals in a ceremonial way. His countless servants would be always at his beck and call. His court would be lighted with yellow and red lamps.

In the evening, The music played on a harp, lute, and mandolin would make the atmosphere romantic. The poet wants to be the ruler of all that is there in Tartary.

The poet associates such joys, delights, and miraculous beauty with Tartary as can be imaged only. There are no worries and cares. His presentation is so compelling that the reader feels like being a part of this imaginary world.

Critical Appreciation 

‘Tartary’ is a dreamland the poet wishes to be the lord of this land. The main idea of the poem is that every person wants to get rid of this worried and artificial world, and wants to escape into the world of love, peace, and happiness. The language suits the description of the romantic atmosphere of this poem The use of colorful words adds to the romantic appeal of the poem.

There are four stanzas in the poem and every stanza has eight lines. The use of Fanciful images increases the beauty of the poem. The whole mood of the poem is romantic. The poet has described this land in such a style that we really want to go to this land. This poem reminds us of Cjolerighes’ famous poem “Kubla Khan”

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