Summary and theme of the poem "Lights Out" written by Edward Thomas

This is the summary, theme, critical appreciation and reference to the context of the poem "Lights Out" by Edward Thomas. This is the summary written in very simple and easy language. It is for the students of college and university students, particularly the students of Punjab University. This poem is about the effect of sleep. The poet compares sleep with deep forest.

Lights Out by Edward Thomas

Light Out summary and theme

Edward Thomas (1 878-1917)

Introduction of the poet and poem

Edward Thomas was a great poet and critic. He wrote about nature. His writing style increases his reputation as a poet. He is also known as a lover of nature. The poem lights out is about the power of sleep. Sleep is a great blessing of God. The poet presents sleep from an interesting angle. A man works like a machine all day; it is asleep that refreshes him again. He forgets all miseries and problems of life and he is lost in the forest of sleep. The poet says that many people come into this forest unwillingly. No one can stop us to come into this forest. The poet says that when we go to the forest of sleep, we forget everything. In this way, we lost ourselves in this jungle. It is the cure for our problems, tensions, and worries. friends and relatives. The poet wants to go into the forest.


Edward Thomas is a romantic poet. The poetry of Edward Thomas is marked with his love of the ordinary things and people of the England countryside. In the poem Lights out he views sleep from a very interesting angle. Sleep is a very powerful thing. It has a dominating effect on all human beings. No man can withstand its lure. It is the source of peace.

Sleep is a very mighty and powerful thing. The poet compares sleep with forest. Everyone lost in the forest of sleep. Sleep has an equal influence on everybody. The pious and wicked have to yield before it sooner or later. It levels everybody. People work from dawn to dusk. They worked dawn to dusk. At night when lights go out, they find themselves in the lap of sleep.
Sleep is the end of everything. All kinds of feelings come to an end. When sleep is attacked we forget everything. He throws away the most interesting book. He divorces from his mind the face of his mind the face of his dear friends and relatives. The poet wishes to go into the unknown forest of sleep without holding anything in his hand. He does not know how he will overcome this difficult experience.

When we study this poem, we feel a sense of gratitude. At the same time, this poem seems to have a hidden and implicit idea of death in it. Death and sleep are closely related. After death, the activities and pursuits also come it an end. Simple and easy language is used in this poem. It makes for interesting reading.  

Critical Appreciation

Lights out by Edward Thomas is a thought-provoking and simple poem. In this poem, the poet expresses his views about sleep which is a very important aspect and instinctive need of all living beings. He is of the opinion that sleep has such great power as cannot be competed with. All our activities, desires, and ambitions fail to hold sleep. In short, man is helpless before sleep.

The poet uses the image of a deep forest to describe sleep. This forest has many paths but we can not decide which way to go when we reach the border of this forest, we feel like losing ourselves in it. Sleep has strange deceptiveness. Since the break of the day, it deceives us. But as soon as the night falls, we begin to feel the impact of sleep.

The poet says there is no sensation as powerful as sleep. It makes us ignore even the dearest and most precious emotions like love and ambition. It makes us forget our despairs of the day. All pleasures and all troubles lose their significance. We are ready to neglect even the dearest face we love in order to lose ourselves in the forest of sleep. We feel as if cloudy foliage is heaping itself upon us. Sleep makes us submit to its powerful and we lose our way in this forest quite willingly.

Reference to context 


These lines have adapted from the poem Lights out written by Edward Thomas


In this poem, the poet tells us about the experience of falling asleep. he points out that sleep is the most powerful and pleasant experience of man's life. Man cannot resist its influence. Everybody has to taste the pleasure of sleep. All human activities lose their charm before it. Sleep provides everybody relief from the struggle and hardship of life.

The theme of the poem

This poem is written in the praise of sleep. Sleep is a gift of God because it provides us comfort and peace. The poet appreciates sleep because it gives us comfort and refreshes us. Sleep is a natural cure for our disease. After working day and night when we enter into the forest of sleep, it provides us mental peace. We have forgotten our all problems and pleasures. The poet thanks sleep that give comfort and rest to tired people. The poet compares sleep with death. We have to leave all activities and obey the order of sleep.

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