The summary, Theme, and critical appreciation of the poem" Patriot into Traitor"

In this article, I have explained the summary, theme, and critical analysis of the poem Patriot to Traitor. This is a very important poem written by Robert Browing. This poem is included in the syllabus of Punjab University.

Patriot into Traitor By Robert Browning

Introduction of the poet

Robert Browning is a great English poet of the nineteenth century. He gave vent to his heartfelt passion in his poems and gave a philosophical touch to them. His ideas impress us and give a philosophical touch to them. His ideas impress us and provide a moment of thought. In the present poem, he draws a realistic picture of the rise and fall of a political leader whose life is governed by political conquest and defeats.

Introduction of the poem

Robert Browning is very famous for his Dramatic Monologue. Dramatic Monologue is method of narration. A character comments on a situation that is conflicting in its nature. Actually, it is an indirect method of narration in which the speaker is the spokesman of the poet.


This poem is written in dramatic monologue. In this poem, a leader comments on the present situation and contrasts it with the past events. This leader was once considered a patriot, but now he has been branded as a traitor. The poem presents the political situation of the Third World countries. In these countries, political affiliations can be bought for petty benefits.

A political leader is being taken to the gallows. He recalls the events of the past year when passed through the same streets. He was welcomed warmly by the people. His path was full of roses and myrtle. A large number of people shouted slogans in favor of this leader. They were ready to obey him through thick and thin. This leader did his best to swerve his people. However, the result of his [pains was not favorable.

He has been branded a traitor. His bands have been tied tightly behind his back. The people have gathered at the Shamble’s gate to see the hanging of a traitor. They throw stones at him.

The poem, however, ends with a note of optimism. The leader leaves his case to God. He believes that it is better to be paid in the next world than in this one.

A Critical Note on “The patriot into Traitor”

The poem, ‘Patriot into Traitor ‘gives us the picture of a political leader who suffers a downfall in his career quite dramatically. The frustration of the political leader has been described in a graphic and realistic manner. The poet has described the following ideas in the poem in a sensible manner.

The poet tells us that uneducated people do not judge justly. The people welcome the political leader with great enthusiasm. This shows that the political leader becomes a victim of the judgment of the common misdeeds.

This shows that the political leader becomes a victim of the judgment of the common masses. The poem tells us many things about the immature and shaky judgment of common people. The uneducated people change their behavior according to the circumstance.

The poem is also a criticism of the power-worship. As long as man is in power, everyone supports and loves him. He is respected and loved. But when a man is out of power, all his supporters leave him. The political leader is welcomed with great love and enthusiasm as te steps into power. When he is taken to gallows, he is left alone and is deserted by everyone.

Browning’s poetry is full of hope and optimism. He wants to assert man’s faith in God the heroes of his poetry do not lose heart in face of hardships and trials. His poetry suggests us to face hardships patiently.

The political leader faces disgrace at the end. He is going to be stoned at. But he still has faith in the reward of God. They are sadly mistaken at it But he hopes that God will reward him for his service to the public in the world hereafter. He accepts the gallows with the power of conviction and faith.

Reference to the Context


These lines have been taken from the poem “The Patriot into Traitor” Written by Robert Browning.


In this poem, the poet gives us the rise and fall of a popular leader. A year ago, the leader was very popular among the masses. They accorded a warm welcome to him at his arrival in the city. But after a year, public opinion suffered a change. His deeds became misdeeds in the eyes of the people. There was no one to welcome him and he was hanged. 

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