Summary of the poem Leisure written by William Davies for B. A. students

The Poem Leisure by William Davies

In this article, I have described the summary of the poem leisure which is the first poem included in the syllabus of B.Students of Punjab University. I have written this in this way that if any question can be asked students can write the answer with the help of this summary. This summary also can be written in the place of explanation because I have described every stanza in one paragraph. This is one of the best summaries for B.Students of Punjab University.


This poem is about the modern man who is working as a machine day and night. The modern man has made a machine. He is working like a machine. He has no time to see beautiful natural objects surrounding him. This poem is about the materialistic approach of a modern man who has become a machine. According to the poet, man can lead a happy and successful life when he enjoys nature and spends some time with natural objects.

Leisure by William Davies is a short but very interesting poem. In this poem. In this poem,l the poet tells us the reason for worries and cares of modern man’s life has become mechanical; He has given up from the natural way of life. He does not pay attention to the beauty of nature I simple objects of nature. He has become a slave of his desires. His desires keep him so busy that he cannot spare time for recreation. He misses many simple delights in everyday life. It is, according to the poet, the biggest curse of modern life.

The poet says that this life is meaningless if it is full of worries and cares. We, the people of the modern era, do not pay attention to the beauty of nature. Even animals like sheep and cows are superior to us in this respect. They spend much time in the company of nature. When we pass through a jungle, we do not look at the innocent squirrels that hide their nuts in the grass. 

We are so busy in monetary pursuits that we fail to feel the similarity in the night sky and stream in broad daylight. The poet makes use of personification. It is the presentation of an abstract idea in the form of a human being. The poet personifies Beauty. He says that we do not pay attention even if the goddess of beauty comes across us. We show no interest in her attractive dance of charming smile. the poet declares that this life is very poor if it is full of worries and care.

At the end of the poem, the poet laments the life of modern man. He says that if a man's life is full of care and attention, this type of life is useless. According to the poet natural object has healing power, we can get energy from them. If the modern man does not enjoy natural beauty, he is leading a poor and useless life. 

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