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Goher Amin, as part of our services and business, the privacy policy has been documented for the service and facility of our users. We acknowledge the international privacy standards and this policy illustrates our commitment to our readers.

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Privacy Policy

The major concerns these days is the privacy and piracy of the data of all internet users. Whenever one is online, his/her personal information is collected through cookies and other ways to provide efficient and better services.

This where every website and business should hold a clear and detailed privacy policy that tells the users and how their personal information is collected.

Scope of the policy

The privacy policy covers the information about the user, our data collection methods, and the ways and channels through which we process and disseminate the user's information.

This policy is very important with regard to the provision of online services. It is now an international law that you cannot get information about users until they agree to share it. This policy in place serves as documented terms and conditions about how and what information we collect from our users.

Information collection

We collect personal information of the users in the following ways:

1. log files

2. Cookies and web beacons

3. Third-party Cookies

4. DART cookies

For more information about how this information is collected as part of our partnership with advertisement companies like Google Adsense, you can see their own policy for AdSense.

Fair usage of personal information

When we collect your personal information, we keep it as safe as possible. We may use your personal information to improve the user experience.We also use your information for the following fair usage purposes:

1. to show you relevant ads

2. to offer you personalized services

3. to understand and modify business trends

4. to keep in touch with our users

5. to offer our paid services for reviews and testing

6. latest offers and campaigns

Safty of your privacy

Goher Amin is responsible for keeping your information safe and secure. We do not pass your information to any third party that does not comply with our privacy policy. Being a partner of various vendors and online digital marketing programs like Google Adsense other networks, we are supposed to follow their privacy policies too.

For more information, you can read Google's privacy policy in this regard.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a third-party application that uses the following parameters of your personal information:

1. Users' location
2. Browser
3. Users' Gender
4. User's device information

All this information is only used for our analysis of the traffic that comes to our website. We do not use this information in marketing or reaching our audience. We use this information to target our services to specific geolocation or to a specific audience. You should also see the privacy policy of Google analytics.

You can contact us for further details of Know more about us. We are also present on all social media platforms. You can follow us on our social media accounts.

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