Theme and summary of the poem The solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth

In this article, I have given the summary, theme, and reference to the context of the poem The Solitary Reaper written by William Wordsworth. This one of the most important poems of William Wordsworth. This poem is included in the syllabus of B. A.  English of Punjab University. 

Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth BA English Notes

summary and theme of the poem solitary reaper for BA English

Summary of Solitary Reaper

The solitary reaper is a romantic poem in its nature.  Wordsworth wrote poetry about common people. He likes the simplicity of nature and writes about it. In this poem, he talks to us about a highland girl who is working alone in the fields. She is very industrious. Her song in her native language inspires the poet and he narrates it in the verses.

She is rustic in her manners. The poem is an exquisite lyric by Wordsworth. It strikes a new romantic note in its subject matter as well as in its style. It presents a sharp contrast to the poetry of the 18th century. These points prove this poem is a romantic poem in its nature.

Firstly, he describes romantic notes in this poem. Secondly, the poem is written in a simple way. It does not describe the mannerisms of the 18th century. Thirdly, the poet presents the girl as natural beauty. Romantic poetry deals with nature not subject matter.

It is the novel and interesting way that makes the subject matter romantic and attractive. The beautiful song of the girl is about imagination. Fourthly, the chief quality of the poem is its simplicity. It combines fin it all the elements of the romantic school of poetry.

The poet admires the girl"s song and takes us to a romantic land like Arabia's land Hebrides. The poem is written in simple and direct language. The poem is rich in musical quality. Lines like, for old, unhappy for off things. And battles long ago, have music and melody of their own.

BA students may be asked to write the theme of the poem Solitary reaper in their English paper. So, I have also given below the theme of the poem.

The theme of Solitary Reaper

The poem is the representation of human romance with nature. When we try to have a penetrating look at nature, we realize the beauty of nature. If we have a healthy interaction with nature, we can feel it throughout our life. It gives us energy and strength and happiness. So, man should focus on natural beauty to enjoy life in a real sense.

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