Multi Topic essay on negative values

In this essay, I have explained how to write an outline of an essay. Outlines of an essay are very important because with help of outlines a good can be written. These outlines are given according to international pattern these outlines can use for CSS examination. If a student can remember these outlines a good can be written easily with the help of these outlines.
How to make an outline. With the help of this essay, you can write an essay on negative values. 

Multi-Topic Essay

I. Introduction

     A. Thesis statement
     B. Definition of
          1. What is the meaning of
     C. General overview
          1. (Topic) is an international issue
          2. (Topic) in Pakistan

II. Causes

     A. Poor planning is the main cause of corruption
     B. There is no accountability
     C. There is no effect of reward and punishment
     D. Poor justice system is another cause of corruption
     E. Baby booming is also an important factor responsible of corruption
     F. Political instability is also an important cause of corruption
     G. Illiteracy plays an important role in increasing corruption
     H. Gender differences
     I. Lack of transparency
     J. Power of influences people

III. Consequences

     A. The situation can worst confounded
     B. The plight of the man of the street
     C. Criminal rate enhanced due to corruption
     D. State of anarchy spread everywhere
     E. Life effect very badly due to corruption
     F. Hurdle in economic policies of the government 

 IV. Remedial Measures 

     A. A proper planning is an ultimate solution to these problems
     B. We need to properly check and balance
     C. Good justice system can help us in eradication this issue
     D. Control of the population can help us in checking the problem of corruption
     E. Political stability
     F. The role of media
    G. Enhance literacy rate in the country
    H. The role of  advanced countries is very important

V. Conclusion

   A. We need long term and short term planning
   B. We should take sooner some practical steps
   C. Involvement of society and community
   D. Check the main factor behind corruption
   E. Politicians should work sincerely
   F. Dreams of the prosperous country may true


There is no doubt that -------- is one of the major problems of the world especially of the third world countries. ----- is prevailing menace and curse of society. It is worryingly replete with dangerous as well as destructive effects.

Our religion Islam clearly condemns those who are responsible for such a dangerous practice. There are countless dangerous and destructive effects that occur owing to ------. Let us analyses some of these painful effects one by one. In view, the major effect of --- Is the disorder in society. People become immoral In their approach. Society goes on facing more and more deterioration. People forget the difference between right and wrong, the honest and the dishonest.

Secondly, the increase in crime ratio is another dire consequence of ---. The people of the society where this evil prevails start committing yet another evil. Because of the loss of their faith in government and administrators. So as a result, the whole society is disturbed.

Thirdly, the society where this evil is found becomes notorious and defamed. They hesitate to visit that society or country. They do not make an investment because they do not think themselves safe there. So that society has to face economic depression. In other words, the country becomes economically weak. In short, the conditions get too hopeless to express in words.

There are many causes of ---. Let us analyses these causes one by one. In my view, the major cause of this social evil is the lack of administrative structure. We do not have any strong and co-ordinate system through which we can cope with the evildoers.

Our police department which should control these crimes is full of black sheep. The officers are not responsible dutiful and alert. They accept heavy brides and let the criminal do whatever they like.

Secondly, ignorance is also responsible for this menace. People are not educated. They do not use the power of their votes properly. They elect the corrupt leaders who pay attestation to only their interest. As a result, the menace of --- is increasing day by day.

Thirdly, religion is not working as a powerful force on us. We have neglected the golden principles of Islam. So the destruction is descending on us continuously.

I would like to put forward the following suggestions in this regard. Firstly, the government should make effective systems and proper police to cope with the evil of ---. Our department should consist of only honest, responsible, and brave officers.

Secondly, education and literacy rates should be increased. A network of schools, colleges,s, and modern educational institutions should be laid. Only education can bring about a change in mentality.

Thirdly, being a true believer of God Almighty and the follower of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), we ought to the golden rules of our religion because it is a complete code of life.

Fourthly, electronic and print media can also play a vital role in exposing the concerned corrupt elements. Positive propaganda is required to discourage----.

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