Important questions from the essay Pakistan and the modern world for B.A students of Punjab University

In this essay, I have explained the important questions from the modern essay Pakistan and the modern world. This essay is about Liaquat Ali Khan's speech which he delivered in America during his first visit.

Pakistan and the modern world

Question No 1

Why Muslims demand a separate country.?

During his visit to America, Liaqat Ali khan gave some important reasons why Muslims demand a separate country. He said that Pakistan came into existence in 1947. In United India, there lived three hundred million Hindus and one hundred million Muslims. The Muslims and Hindus differed sharply in their mode of living these differences were related to religious economics political matters. 

Liaqat Ali khan tells the Americans that the two nations differed almost in every field of life. The Muslims believed in one God but the Hindus worshipped many gods. The Muslims believed in the Divine Prophets but the Hindus did not these differences prevailed between the two peoples in almost every situation of their daily lives.

Liaquat Ali khan tells the Americans that the two nations also differed in their social and economic affairs. The Hindus believed in the caste system whereas the Muslims believed in the equality of men. The Muslims believed fin the right of private ownership for everyone, whereas the Hindus believed in communism. The Muslims had faith in the laws of inheritance. They had economic institutions that discouraged the accumulation of wealth. The Hindus did not have such laws. In this way, the Muslims differed sharply from the Hindus.

Liaqat Ali Khan pointed out to the Americans that Hindus were much larger in number. After the departure of the British, the Muslims would suffer a great set back. They also feared that they can't make progress economically under the Hindos. It would simply be the change of masters.

Question No. 2

Points out the similarities between Pakistan and America.

Liaqat Ali khan told that Pakistan and America have great similarities.
First, America is an agricultural country. The American progress in the fields of agriculture and industry is due to its dedicated and selfless leadership. Pakistan also has good leaders. The people of Pakistan are peace-loving like the people of America. Pakistan is hopeful to make quick progress like Americans.

Secondly, Americans believe in democracy and rule of law, and civil liberties. The people of Pakistan are also lovers of democracy, peace, and the rule of law. America is an advanced country in the world. Pakistan also wants to make progress like America.

Thirdly, Like the Americans, the people of Pakistan believe in moral values. They are desirous to promote peace and happiness to the people of the world. America is already doing a great effort to maintain peace in the world. The rulers of Pakistan are already working for the welfare of the masses. It is with the co-operation of the Americans I the economic and social fields that Pakistan is expected to become a stable and prosperous country.

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