Summary and theme of the Poem " Politics" written by W.B. Yeats

I have given summary, theme, critical appreciation, and reference to the context of the poem "Politics" written by modern poet W. B. Yeats. I used very simple and easy language so that students can easily learn it. I have also given the introduction of the poet and poem. I have given critical appreciation and reference to the context of the poem. This context can be used for all stanzas. 

Summary of the poem "Politics"


W.B. Yeats (1865-1939)

Introduction of the poet

W. B. Yeats was a poet and dramatist. He was interested in mysticism. Supernatural and religion are his major themes. Yeats was born in Irland and educated in London. He studied poetry at an early age. His poetry is realistic and physical. He was awarded Nobel Prize in literature. He is a very important poet of the 20th century. 

Introduction of the poem

This poem is written by W. B. Yeats. He was an artist. In this poem, the poet compares love and politics. No doubt Politics is very important for every country in the world. But love is more important than politics. We can get more mental solace from love than politics. That is why the poet says that politics has no meaning before him when a beautiful and young girl is standing before him.

 According to the poet, there are many politicians who have great experience of politician. They gave their opinions about political affairs and wars. They can be right in their opinion but the poet has no interest in politicians and wars. He wants to be young again and love this girl. In the poem, the girl is the symbol of youth and beauty.

Summary of the Poem

"Politics" is a small but very beautiful poem on love. The poet considers love as the greatest reality on earth. Love according to him is a mighty and powerful thing. It exercises a deep influence on the mind, heart, and soul of man. In this poem, he compares the all-pervasive influence of love to that of politics. Politics is also a great reality of modern life.

The modern age is remarkable for its interest in politics. Politics has become very popular in every field of life. Politics corrupted religion and culture.  . However, love is better than politics because politics is a dirty game. It is love. Love is supreme and excellent.

The poet does not like politics. He does not show any interest in Roman Russian or Spanish politics. He does not want to know what is happening in these countries. In fact, the poet falls in love with a girl who is standing there symbolizes youth and beauty.  The world of power appears meaningless before her beautiful face.

The poet says that. no doubt politics is very important. He points out that a well-traveled person may have a broad vision of life. He may have adequate knowledge of the political situation of different countries.

He is a well-read and well-thought person. His arguments on politics are weighty. His knowledge of current affairs of life is sound. His analysis of world politics may be correct. His assessment of conflicts and wars is correct. But a lover is better than a politician. True love conquers all fields of life and enlightens our mind and soul It moves our heart to things of nobility and grandeur. Politics in spite of its influence holds an inferior position to the power of love.

Critical Appreciation

Politics by W. S.yeats is an interesting poem. In this poem, the poet conveys a message that love and desire remain human needs in every phase of life. Love has such power as can dominates every other passion. In this age, when politics is the most favorite subject around the world, the poet is so inspired by the beauty of a young lady that he cannot pay attention to any other topic. He can not avoid himself to see the beauty of this girl. He desires to be young again and clasp her in his embrace.

The poet sees a beautiful and charming lady standing in front of him. Her elegance stirs a storm of love in the heart of the old man. In this situation, the old man is asked to pay attention to international politics and try to find out political turns taking place in Rome, Spain, and Russia. His attention is diverted towards a tourist who has been to different countries of the world. He has witnessed wars and their impacts all over the world.

 The poet is asked to listen to a politician also. This impresses the poet who is constantly looking at the young lady, To him, her beauty is more fascinating than the experiences of the tourist and the politician. He desires to be young again and take her in his arms and enjoy her passionate lofe

.The poet has presented a contrast between the feelings of love and otherworldly concerns. He is of the opinion that love may put into shade all concerns of the world.


The theme of the poem is the contrast between love and politics. The information of a traveled man and politician about coming war may be true but he says that there are better things in this world than politics, disputes, and wars. The poet does not deny the political reality because, without politics, a country cannot progress well. The destiny of a nation depends on its politics in modern man but in spite of this, there is another great reality which is love. We cannot get peace from politics but love gives us mental and spiritual peace and happiness. So the world of politics becomes dim before such a bright and shining world

 Reference to Context


These lines have been adapted from the poem "Politics" written by W.B Yeats.


In this poem, the poet points out how love is the most powerful and mighty experience of man's life. It is a very intoxicating mighty, absorbing, and gripping experience of life. This experience is superior to all knowledge, education, skill, and struggle of the world. it is superior to politics and traveling.

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