Dialogue writing One dialogue for all topics B. A /ADA students of Punjab University

This dialogue can be written for any dialogue. In this article, I have given one dialogue that can be written for any dialogue. This is especially for the students of B.A. This article is for the students of Punjab University. 

 Dialogue- writing

Ali: Hello, Ahmad, It's so good to see you. Have a seat, please.

Ahmad: Yes, it has been some time since we met.

Ali: How is everybody in the family?

Ahmad: Everything is fine by the grace of God.

Ali: There is a lot of tension on the border these days.

Ahmad: Elections are going to take place in India and Modi is playing with the sentiments of people.

Ali: War must be avoided at every cost.

Ahmad: War is never the solution to any problem.

Ali: It brings about a lot of destruction. 

Ahmad: It not only destroys the cities and buildings but also the minds of people.

Ali: By the way, What are you doing these days?

Ahmad: I have completed my degree, Looking forward to getting a reasonable job. I came to know that you were leaving for London. That's why I have come to call on you.

Ali: It will still take some days as there are some official formalities left.

Ahmad: That's right. So are you going there for higher studies or in search of a job?

Ali: Well: I am going there to improve my studies and if I get a job, I will also opt for it.

Ahmad: Give topic ----------------------. at least three sentences.

Ali: -------------------------


Ali: This year there has been a great change in the weather.

Ahmad: Yes winter has prolonged much this time around.

Ali: And we have a lot more rain than the previous year.

Ahmad: Yes, rain has prevented fog and diseases also.

Ali: You know I love the winter season.

Ahmad: Same here.

Ali: This is the age of competition and there is survival of the fittest.

Ahmad: Yes, we have to work very hard if we want to compete at the highest level.

Ali: We will touch on Facebook.

Ahmad: Yes, sure, I will also send you a regular e-mail.

Ali: I have also decided to visit my once a year.

Ahmad: That's a good decision. ( getting up)

Ali: Why are you getting up?

Ahmad: I have got some urgent work to do and you also get on with your preparation.

Ali: So nice of you and thanks for the wonderful discussion.

Ahmd: Wish you all the best in life.

Ali: Thanks Bye,

Ahmad: Goodbye.

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