Dialogue writing performa for multi- topics.

In this article, I have given one dialogue that can be written for any problem. This dialogue can be written for different topics, for example, begging, lawlessness, smoking, 

This Dialogue can be used for the following topics.

1. Begging
2. lawlessness
3. smoking 
4. Energy Crisis
5. Water Crisis
6. Terrorism 
7. Sectarianism

8. Dearness
9. Waywardness
10. Vultarity and obscenity
11. Pollution 
12. Increase in fashion among students
13. Drug Addiction
14. Unfair means in examination
15. Corruption
16. Load Shedding
17. Mobile Phones as a curse

Dialogue Writing

Mr. Ali: Hollow Mr. Ahmad! How are you?

Mr. Ahmad: I am fine thanks. Is there anything I can do for you?

Mr. Ali: I want to have your views on ( Topic Name). Will you please comment on it?

Mr. Ahmad: Of Course, We are facing a very disappointing situation about ( Topic Name). The trend and tendency towards ( Topic Name ) is increasing rapidly. (Here highlight the issue that is discussed)

Mr. Ali: What are the causes of ( Topic Name)

Mr. Ahmad: There are several causes of ( Topic Name ). In my view, the major cause of ( Topic Name) is ( Here write some causes about the topic that is given in the exams).

Mr. Ali: What kind of bad effect can it produce?

Mr. Ahmad: This problim can produce bad effects. Especially, it is harmful to our social set-up. Moreover, it can spoil our image as a nation abroad.

Mr. Ali: What would you suggest to uproot ( Topic Name)

Mr. Ahmad: Surely, We can reduce the intensity of this problim, if realize our morals and religious duty.

 Moreover, the chief justice should take notice of this serious trend. 

Mr. Ali: Can the media play any role in this regard.

Mr. Ahmad: Of Course, Media play a vital role in uprooting the ( Topic Name). Moreover, the Media can create awareness about this issue among the people.

Mr. Ali: Thank you for your comprehension discussion on ( Topic Name)

Mr. Ahmad: You are welcome.

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