Dialogue between husband and wife on Rising prices

In this article, I have given the dialogue between Husband and Wife on the rising prices or inflation or dearness. This dialogue is very important for students. This topic is current affairs these days. Dearness is increasing very rapidly day by day which is why, this topic is very important for B.A. Students of all universities for an exclamation point of view.

Dialogue Between Husband and Wife on Inflation

Wife: I need more money for shopping?

Husband: What! More money! I gave you a lot yesterday.

Wife: But that was not enough for shopping. I couldn't buy all the things.

Husband: But why?

Wife: Because of rising prices. The prices of things of daily use are increasing with every passing day. The prices have increased three times.

Husband: I can't understand why the prices are rising so high. What can be the major causes?

Wife: In my view, the major cause of dearness is the lack of agricultural and industrial unit production. Secondly, government officials are corrupt. They accept heavy bribes and give free hands to the shopkeepers who are looting the public without any fear or hesitation.

Husband: Rising prices have rendered me poor. Is there any solution? If there is, What would you suggest?

Wife: I would like to suggest that government try to increase the supply of things. Secondly, Blac musketeers should be punished heavily. Thirdly, there should be responsible price-control committees.

Husband: Can media play a role in uprooting corruption? 

Wife: No doubt, the media can play an important role to expose the elements that are responsible for price-rising. If the government does not handle this strictly, nothing would change.

Husband: You are right. If the suggestion put forward by you is followed, we can survive only then,

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