Dialogue between a student and police sergeant on one wheeling

In this article, I have given the dialogue between a student and a Sergeant on the topic wone wheeling. One wheeling is a very important current issue and very important from the examination point of view. In this dialogue, I have used very simple language and simple words so that students can easily learn it and can write in the examination.

 B.A Dialogue on one wheeling

Between a student and a Police Sergeant

Student:   Sergeant, why did you stop me? I have not violated any rules. Moreover, I have all the necessary documents.

Sergeant:   I found you guilty of one wheeling It's a very dangerous activity.

Student;   What's wrong with that? How it is against the law? Sory I don't know such a law.

 Sergeant:   You must know that Low. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

Student:   Even It's a law. It's a very foolish one. You know It's discouraging for the young.

Sergeant:   What! How is it discouraging for youngsters?

Students:   You know everyone can't do that. It requires special talent, skill, and ability. So It's good if youngsters are trying to learn it.

Sergeant:   But it should be our moral duty to learn such skills as are good for humanity. It means that even robbers can claim that they have the sill of robbers. Should they be allowed to do so? It's a funny idea.

Student:   You are right, but I don't see any harm in one-wheeling.

Sergeant:   Don't you read newspapers? Hundreds of youngsters have died while doing one-wheeling. It's such a dangerous activity and it risks the lives of other people too.

Student:   Oh, I didn't really know that I thought that it was a harmless activity. I promise you that I don't do one wheeling again in my life.

Sergeant:   I appreciate your positive thinking.I advise you to learn positive skills.

Student:   I shall remember that Thank you for this piece of advice.

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