The short story "Araby" Summary, Theme, and important questions.

In this article, I have given the summary, theme, and important questions of the short story "Araby" written by James Joyce. This is a beautiful story that is included in the syllabus of B.A.  of Punjab Univesity. I have given one summary a student can solve any question by learning this summary.

 Araby ( James Joyce)


The story " Araby describes in an interesting manner the conflict between the imaginary world and the world of reality. In our life, we run after shows and dreams. We live in a world of wishful thinking. The world of reality is something different. When we fade the ugly reality of life, our dreams are shattered. We stand defeated and disillusioned.

In the story, the writer introduces to us a boy of fifteen who runs after shadows and fails to see the reality of life. He lives in a world of dreams. The sexual passions raise his head in him. But being young he is timid and does not know how to express his feeling of love. He started liking a girl in his neighborhood. He forgets everything except her.

He lacks willpower and cannot express his love. He looks at the girl secretly. He always follows the girl when the girl goes somewhere. He returns home when she is about to see him. He does not talk to her. He looks at her without being seen. At last, he see the girl one day. It is not he who talks to the girl. The girl meets him and asks him to go to the bazaar and bring a gift for her. The splendid bazaar of the city and bring some gifts for her.

Going to the bazaar becomes the mission of his life. But being timid and weak, he does not visit the bazaar in time. He goes to the bazaar when almost all the stalls are shut. He feels disillusioned. He was unable to buy a gift for the girl and return without buying any gift.

The story highlights the dark and weak aspects of modern civilization. This story tells us that modern man comes to age physically but he is timed and weak spiritually. The man should never be timid and weak in every due field of life. He should be brave and strong to face every difficulty of life. He also should be confident in every hard situation of life.

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