The short story " Take Pity by (Bernard Malamud) Summary, theme, and important questions.

In this article, I have given the summary, theme, and important questions of the short story Take Pity written by Bernard Malamud. It is an interesting story that is included in the syllabus of the B.A. 


The story Take Pity narrates to us the heroic struggle of polish woman Eva who refuses to accept all types of help in form of charity after her husband's death. Eva is a refugee from Poland but now is settled in America. She is alone in the world because her relative has been taken away by Hitler. She is dignified and a self-reliant woman.

Eva was left alone in the world with her two young daughters. It was a difficult time for her. Rosen, the coffee salesman advised Eva to run away from the place with her daughters. Rosen advised her to do some job, but she refused to do so. She started the store left by her husband. She worked and labored very hard to run the business, but her business failed miserably

Rosen showed sympathy to her on many occasions. Once he brings something for the children but she refuses to accept it. Eva did not like this. He proposed to her. She rejected his offer of marriage because it was based on pity and not on love. 

Eva is a heroic and courageous woman. She maintains her dignity in this difficult time. She is alone in the world. She understands an economic crisis, but she does not accept the offer of help from Rosen. She wants to face hardship all alone.

Rosen likes her and wants to marry her.. In fact, there is a great lesson for us in this story. we are taught in this story that man can bear all difficulties of life through thick and thin if he has the determination of bearing the difficulties of life.

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