The summary and theme of the short story Happy Prince by Oscar Wild.

 In this article, I have discussed the summary, theme, and important questions of the short story " The Happy Prince" written by Oscar Wild. The story Happy Prince is included in the syllabus of B. A. of Punjab University. The Happy Prince is an interesting story that tells us about poverty and social injustice.

The Happy Prince (Oscar Wild)


" The Happy Prince " by Oscar Wild is a beautiful story that has a good moral. This story is about the difficulties and hardships of poor people. Oscar Wild is aware of the difficulties of the poor and the differences between the rich towards the poor. He has written most of his stories with a view to developing human societies. It is also an interesting fairy tale. A fairy tale belongs to folk literature. It deals with the fortunes and misfortunes of a hero or heroine in a romantic and adventurous background. The characters of a fairy are not real but also they are taken from animals and fairies.

The Happy Prince is a fairy tale according to the definition of a fairy tale. Its two main characters the statue of the prince and swallow are unreal and imaginary. But the story has been written to hint at the sorrows, suffering, pains, and problems of poor people. The story tells us that the real purpose of man's life is to serve humanity. It is a service to humanity that brings inward beauty to the statue though the outward beauty of the body is torn to pieces.

The swallow too renders a great service to humanity. He decides to live with the prince. it is service to humanity that winners the pleasure of God both to the prince and the swallow. In his real life, the prince remained deaf to the sorrows of poor people. In the form of the statue, he gives all the parts of his body to the poor. The sapphires fixed in place of his eyes and the ruby fixed in his sword hilt are given to the poor in their time of suffering. This wins him the love of God. God appreciates the prince and swallows and calls them into his paradise forever.

In this story, The writer has presented the miseries of the poor and the indifference of the rich toward them. Undoubtedly, this story has a great message for us that we should not e selfish in our lives. We should help the poor in their sufferings and odds of life. We should not only think about ourselves but also the poor. In this way, we can make our society better than earlier.

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