Summary of Daffodils by William Wordsworh and Stoping by Woods on a Snowy evening for 9th class

In this article, I have given summary of Doffodils and Stoping by Woods on a Snowey Evening for 9th class. These are written in a simple and easy language and in short form so that students can esily remember  them. These summaries are according to demaned of Lahore Board.

Daffodils by William Wordsworth


 This poem has been written by William Wordsworth. this poet ge describes a scene of daffodils. The poet was walking in the countryside. There he was a lot of daffodils. The flowers were dancing in the air. This scene gave much pleasure to the writer. Now, whenever the writer is sad, he remembers that scene and he becomes happy The poem is a tribute to nature.

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening


This poem has been written by Robert Frost. the poet stops by a farmhouse on an evening. There was nobody there. The woner was not there. The horse feels strange. The beauty of the woods. attrats the poet very much. But the poet remembers the responsibilities and he leaves the place. The poem shows conflict between the duties and desires of man.

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