Summary and the theme " Rappaccini's Daughter written by Nathanial Hawthorne

This is a summary of the short story "Rappacci's Daughter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne for the students of college and university. This is a short but comprehensive summary and can be written for every question selected in the examination. This is for the students of Punjab University students.


summary of the short story Rappaccini's Daughter

Summary of the short story Rappaaccini's Daughter 

A Fantasy story

" Rappaccini's Daughter" is fantasy. A fantasy is an imaginative story, which tells us what may happen future. It is a scientific story that deals with scientific events. The characters of fantasy are often imaginative. 

The story sounds quite extraordinary from the very beginning. Dr. Rappaccini is a research scholar. He is very found to grow poisonous trees. He grows a poisonous plant on the very day when his daughter is born. One drop of the tree can kill someone.

His daughter Beatrice guards land looks after the plant. She looks after that tree that his father grows. The result is that like the plant, She too has become very poisonous. If a person try to make contact with he will die because of the poisonous effect of the tree. Now such an experiment is not of water from the flower falls upon the animal head. It died at once.

The first incident of horror, a dreamful event takes place before the eyes of Giovanni. Beatrice is in the garden. She plucks a flower from a plant and brings it too close to her breast. At that time, small orange-colored animal chances to come along the plant. A drop of juice from the tree falls upon the insect's head and he died immediatly.

The next moment, there comes a beautiful insect over the garden wall. Beatrice looks insect like a child. It grows faint and falls her feet.

Giovanni throws down the lower which he is holding in his hand terrified at her supernatural power. The story is full of such incidents. They sound unreal and imaginative.

The theme of the story

The story tells us about the effect of science on humanity. Science is like a gun. Gun has both negative and positive effects. You can kill a man with a gun and you can save a man with help of a gun. Similarly, science has both negative and positive effects. It depends upon a scientific man that he use it negatively or positively. The story tells that we should not use science against humanity but we should use it positively. Today science men are using scientific knowledge in negative activities, they making dangerous weapons that can destroy the world. The second theme of the story is man's thirst for knowledge.

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