Multi topic dialogue on negative values for B. A students

This is a multi-topic dialogue on negative values for B. A.Students. This dialogue can be written against any topic. This dialogue is for all types of dialogue on negative values. This dialogue can cover these topics corruption, drug addiction, inflation, smoking, religious differences, sectarianism, unemployment. This dialogue can be written for any social evils.

 Multi-Topic dialogue

Ali: Hello, Mr. Ahmed.

Ahmed: Oh, Hello! Ali How are you?

Ali: I am fine what about you?

Ahmed: I am fine too, thanks.

Ali: Hey, Nice to meet you.

Ahmed: What are you doing?

Ali: I am just strolling here.

Ahmed: That's good. It's good for your health.

Ali;  By the way. what about life?

Ahmed: My life is running smoothly and you

Ali: I am a little sad due to Corona. which has spoiled the whole system of the world. especially, our country has also been disturbed very badly. it has deprived everyone of his mental peace and made him a patient of depression.

Ahmed: Yes, You are right. I agree with you. No doubt, It has disturbed our education system as for as the business of every man. All the evils such as corruption, inflation, unemployment, etc. are due to corona.

Ali: Now, I come to the real topic  ----------  is creating a lot of problems for us. Therefore, the Government should take notice of it.

Ahmed: Yes, it is the duty of the Government to control this issue. otherwise, this issue can create many problems. 

Ali: You are great as your thinking is positive. May you live long and enjoy good health Ok Ahmed! I am to go.

Ahmed: My pleasure thanks for the information.

Ali: Ok it was nice talking to you

Ahmed: I think we go now it's getting late.

Ali: Well, Ah! we shall meet tomorrow. Have a good time.

Ahmed: Ok, we shall meet again.

Ali: Allah Hafiz

Ahmed: Allah Hafiz

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