Summary Stopping by Woods on Snowey Evening by Robert Frost

 In this article, I have given the sample summary according to the Lahor board and all other boards. According to the board, the summary should be like the summary which I have given below. I am Examiner and marking Lahore board papers for many years. I notice that students wrote very lengthy summaries and gave many quotations in the summary. According to the Boards, students are discouraged when writing very long summaries with quotations. This summary is the best sample for the students who want to attain good marks in the examinations.


"Stopping by the wood on a Snowy Evening" (Sample solution)

Stopping by Woods on a snowy evening has been written by the great American poet Robert Frost. In this poem, he describes his experience of staying in the woods on a snowy evening. The woods are covered with snow. He is fascinated by the beauty of the scene. He says that the owner of the woods lives nearby the village. The owner does not know his stay in the woods. He says that his horse considers it strange to stay there on the darkest evening of the year. The poet and his horse are between the woods and where no farmhouse is seen.

The horse is upset and shakes his harness bells to ask why they are staying there. The poet calls the woods beautiful and mysterious. He likes the silence prevailing around and wants to take a rest. But, just at the same time, thinks about the commitments and restarts his journey. He has to go miles away before going to bed. The poet beautifully uses metaphors and symbols to express his thought.

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