My Financial Career by Stephen Leacock summary, theme, and Questions

In this article, I have given the summary, them, introduction, and important questions of the short story My Financial Career written by Stephen Leacock. This short story is included in the syllabus of F.A. part II, I have used simple language so that students can easily remember the questions and summary.

 My Financial Career

by Stephen Leacock


Stephen Leacock was born on 30 December 1869 and on 30 March 1944 in Canada. He was a Canadian teacher, Political Sicienst, writer, and humorist. He wrote more than 30 nooks of humorous sketches and essays. His best-known works are Nonsense Novels, Sunshine sketches of the little Town, and Arcadian adventure with the Idle Rich. The story My Financial appeared in the book Literary Lapses published in 1910. The story shows the economic effects on poor people's life. It shows ordinary men's fear and mistrust of banks. it is the story of a man who is fear to open an account in a bank.



Important Questions

Q1. What kind of story is My Financial Career?

It is a humorous story in which the writer makes himself a butt of laughter and the reader laughs at his expense.

Q2. Who was the writer and what happened to him?

The writer was a poor clerk and his salary had been raised to fifty dollars a month.

Q3. What did he decide to do with the increased monthly salary?

He thought of many ways of saving money, but he finally decided to save the money in the bank.

Q4. What was his attitude towards the bank?

The writer knew that everything in the bank made him extremely nervous, and he looked like an irresponsible idiot in the bank.

Q5. What did he do when he entered the bank?

He entered the bank nervously and started looking for the manager because he had an idea the manager must be consulted for opening an account in the bank.

Q6. What did he tell the manager first and why?

He asked that he wanted a meeting with the manager alone. He did not know why he used the word alone.

Q7. Why did the manager come to think that the writer had an awful secret to reveal?

From the secretive behavior of the writer, the manager concluded that he belonged to Pinkerton Detective Agency and wanted to reveal an awful secret. manager gather when the writer told him that he wanted to deposit his all money in the bank? 

Q9. What was the manager's reaction when the writer told him that he wanted to deposit only 56 dollars?

The manager became unkind and cold, and he called Mr. Mongomery to help him in opening the account.

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