Why Boys Fail in College Summary, Theme. and Important Questions

In this article, I have given a summary, theme, and important questions of the essay "Why Boys Fail in College. This essay is included in the syllabus of the F. A. part two. I have given all the important questions that can be selected for the examinations.  

12th Class English Book II Chapter III

Why Boys Fail in Collge 

      By Herbert E. Hawks

Introduction of the writer

Herbert E. Hawks born in 1872 and died in 1943, was an American mathematician and educator. He served as Dean at Columbia College. His stay as Dean at Columbia college was very long, and because of this long period he earn the title of " The Dean of Americans colleges Deans" He had knowledge of students and their problems because he served as Dean for a long period. He had knowledge of why boys fail in college. As a Dean, he observed the problems faced by students during their college life.

The theme of the essay

In the essay, Why Boys Fail in College, Herbert E. Hawks expresses his personal experience about the students who fail at the college level. The theme of the essay is that we should understand students' problems and try to understand their problems. Teachers, parents, and doctors can play very important roles in solving their problems. Many students destroy their lives because they do not know what are they doing. Therefore, we should play our role to resolve their issues regarding their studies.

Main points of the essay

1. Tow classes of boys who fail
2. Nervous habits which cause failure
3. Mistaken ambition on part of parents
4. Health issues of the students
5. The responsibility of colleges
6. Finacial pressure on students
7. The attraction of games
8. Lazy bluffers

Summary of the essay

The writer categorizes the two classes of students who fail at the college level. One category of students is who want to pass and try to pass but fail the examination. The second category of students is who do not study and do not try to pass and they also fail the examination. After discussing two categories of students who fail, the writer describes the reasons for their failure. He also gives suggestions that how they overcome these reasons for their failure. He divided the students into seven stages who fail in the examination at the college level. The writer says that students fail in college because of these seven habits. The habits are nervous habits, mistaken ambitions, overconfidence, health problems, financial issues, sports activities, and lazy bluffers.

Now we discuss all these habits one by one. According to the writer, some boys who come to college, face different nervous habits. It is impossible for such students to sit at a desk and concentrate on the task assigned. They want to pass but because of nervous habits, they can fox in their studies and fail in college. They have a very short span of mental attention. They do not fox on one point for a long time. When they sit for studies, they do not concentrate on their studies, but they start thinking about other things. They start sharpening pencils and they arrange the books etc. The writer says that such habits can be uprooted by anyone but by the students themselves can control these habits. They should be calm and peaceful in their personalities.

Now we discussed the second reason for the failure of students at the college level. The second reason for students' failure is mistaken ambitions. Sometimes parents are responsible for their boy's failure. They ask their sons to study such subjects which are not liked by the students. Parents interfere in selecting the subjects. Parents want that their son becomes a doctor or engineer but their son wants to be an actor or musician as a result students can concentrate on their study and they fail at college. We should give importance to students' choices not force them to select those subjects which are not liked by them.

The third reason for students' failure at college is overconfidence. The writer says that some boys pass school exams with little effort, they believe that in college they can pass with little effort. They don work hard and they fail at the college level. They do not know what a real application is? They think they can pass in the same way as they pass school exams. The writer says this is the most pitiable object among all who fail at the college level. They waste all their efforts because of the wrong attitude. It is not easy to uproot such habits anyone but boy can uproot these habits.

The fourth reason for students' failure is health problems. Mental and health problems are the main reason for students; failure at the college level. According to the writer the boy who can not maintain attention in his study, he should visit a doctor most students face different mental and health issues They should treat themselves so that they can perform well in the examination. We should understand that there is no substitute for health.

The fifth cause of failure of students at the college level is financial pressure. Many students belong to poor families and they have to work to fulfill their educational expenses. According to the writer, some students face serious financial problems. We find many students who try to work hard and want to study but their financial condition creates problems for them. We should avoid such situations as for as possible. The students who work and study at the same time, he do not study well and do not earn well. It is the responsibility of parents that they should manage their children's educational resources. The college should provide scholarships for the students.

The sixth cause of failure of students at the college level is sports and literary activities. Some students take too much interest in sports and literary activities that they do not study properly. There is no doubt these activities and sports are very important for the students but the first priority should be studied not sports. A student who is very much interested in sports. He should join sports as a profession. It is better for him. Good performers in sports should become a professional players. A student should understand that the main task of a college is to give an education. 

The least reseason for the failure of students at college are those students who do come to college for studies but come just for entertainment. The writer called these students lazy bluffers. They have no proper aim in life. They come to college and leave college without getting anything. It is wise to let them in the cold world so that they can learn a lesson. After learning the lesson they can understand the value of the study. 

These are seven habits that are causes of failure of students at the college level Nervous habits, mistaken ambitions, overconfidence, health problems, financial pressure, sports, and literary activities, and lazy bluffers. Those who fail at college are facing one of these habits. In the end, the writer says that a college Dean must have the ability of a doctor so that he can diagnose their students and solve the students' issues and problems.

Important Questions

Q1. What are the two kinds of students who fail at the college level?

The students who fail to get through college examinations are those who try and those who do not try.

Q2. What category of failing students does the writer discuss?

The writer discusses those students who try but fail in the examinations.

Q3. What is the first reason for the student's failure in college examinations?

The first reason for the student's failure is their nervous habit which makes it almost impossible for the boy to sit at the table and concentrate on his studies.

Q4. What solution does the writer offer to uproot nervous habits?

According to the writer, such habits are not easy to uproot. Only the boy himself can uproot this habit by cultivating a poise and calm that smothers the fidgets.

Q5. How does mistaken ambition become the cause of many boys' failure?

Many students fail because their parents want them to become doctors or engineers whereas they have the aptitude to become writers businessmen etc.

Q6.How can the cause of mistaken ambition be removed?

Strong parents teacher associations and students' aptitude tests at the time of admission can solve this problem and prevent a lot of failures.

Q7. Why does a very bright student fail?

Overconfidence of the very bright boy in his ability makes him ignorant of the reality that only hard work coupled with intelligence ensures certain success at the college level and as a result, he fails in the examination.

Q8. What solution does the writer offer to avoid such failure of the bright boy?

Only the boy himself can do this by developing an entire change of attitude and by forming a completely new set of habits in him.

Q9. How does poor health cause the failure of a college-going boy?

Tuberculosis bad tonsils, sleeping sickness, poor digestion, and various forms of mental and nervous difficulty are the signs of poor health that make it impossible for the boy to concentrate on his studies and as a result, he fails.

Q10. How can the problem of poor health be solved?

By giving proper attention to the boy's health at college and at home, an immense number of failures can be avoided.

Q11. How does financial pressure cause failure at the college level?

When the college-going boy is forced to earn his way through college, he gets a mighty poor education because learning with earning is always very difficult.

Q12. How does the writer criticize parents for not supporting children?

The writer lashes at the parents by saying that they must support their son to face life in a better way by getting higher education because they are responsible for his being in the world.

Q13. How can college help poor students?

Colleges should arrange scholarship funds and stipends to help poor intelligent students to continue higher studies.

Q14.. How do extra-curricular and co-curricular activities cause failure?

Too much involvement in these activities causes failure at the college level.

Q15. What solution does the writer offer?

According to the writer these extra-curricular and co-curricular activities have their own place in college but college is primarily meant for studies, not for these activities, and the students should not allow themselves to be swept off their feet by these activities.

Q16. Who are lazy bluffers?

They are the boys who have found no interest in life and join college just for pass-time to amuse themselves.

Q17. What does the writer tell about the problem of lazy bluffers?

The writer wants these lazy bluffers to be retired to the cold world to find out by experience how much demand there is for them.

Q18. What is the role of the college dean?

A  college dean must diagnose the problems and help the students under him to see life steadily and see it whole.

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