The Dying Sun Summary, Theme and important Questions

In this article, I have to give a summary, theme, and important question of the short story The Dying Sun by Sir James Jeans for F.A. students of Part 2. This story is included in the syllabus of F. A part 2. 

 The Dying Sun by Sir James Jeans

Introduction of the poet

Sir James Jean's real name is Sir James Hopwood Jeans. He was born on 11 September 1877 and died on 16 September 1946. He was a British writer. He was an English writer and astromoner, He also wrote books on astronomy. He got an education from Cambridge and Princeton universities. He is a very famous modern English writer. His style is full of contrast and quotations.

Summary of the Essay

The Dying Sun is a short story written by Sir James Jeans. Sir James jeans say that this universe is very large. It is bigger than our thoughts. In this universe, a large number of stars are moving in space. These stars are so large that millions of piles of earth can be packed in them. These stars never come near to another star because they travel far away from each other. According to the writer thousand years ago, an incident happened in this universe.

 A star came near the sun while moving. This star put waves on the surface of the sun. As this star came nearer and nearer to the sun this wave start to become bigger. Then, this star started to separate from the sun. This wave broke into pieces. They started moving around the sun. These pieces are called planets. Our earth is one of them.

In the beginning, these stares were very hot but as time passes they started cool down. Now, they have become cool and they get heat from the sun. The story of Sir James jeans is not true, this is just a fancy story about the existence of earth and the universe. From this story, many questions are aroused and the writer can not answer these questions. The writer is unable to answer how life exists on the earth.

According to the writer, life started from a simple organism and gradually it reached the present condition. He says that the creation of the universe was an incident. His idea less the values of life and earth. We are Muslims and we have faith that this universe has been made by Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty create life in this universe and Allah has a purpose to create this universe.

Theme of the Essay

In this essay, the writer presents his theory that how our earth came into existence. In this story, Sir James views the existence of our earth and universe. He says that life is possible only on our earth because our earth has a suitable temperature which is necessary for life. Actually, he tells us the importance of our earth and universe. This is essay is written about the creation of the earth and universe. The writer's views are only an assumption and hypotheses not reality. The most important theme of the essay is the importance of the sun and the little of our earth in the universe.

Important Questions

Q1. From which book of James Jeans is this story taken?

This is the first chapter of Sir James Jeans famous book The mysterious Universe.

Q2. What is the magnitude of stars?

Most of the stars in the universe are so large that millions of piles of earth could be packed inside each and leaves room to spare.

Q3. What could be the total number of stars?

According to James Jeans, the total number of stars is like the total number of grains of sand on all the sea shores of the world.

Q4. How do the stars move in the universe?

Few of the stars move in groups and most of the stars travel with each star like a ship on an empty ocean.

Q5. Can these stars come near to each other?

These stars travel at such a great distance from each other that it is a very rare event for one star to come anywhere near another.

Q6. How did one star come near the sun?

According to James Jeans , some two thousand million years ago, a star moving blindly through space, happened to come near the sun.

Q7. What happened as the result of the star coming near to the sun,?

This star raised an immense tidal wave on the surface of the sun which formed a mountain that rose higher and higher as the star came nearer and nearer.

Q8. What happened when the star began to move away from the sun,?

When the star began to move away, this mountain was torn to pieces and the sun threw some of these pieces into space.

Q9. What happened to these Pieces?

These pieces have been revolving around the sun since then. These are the planets of the sun, of which our earth is one.

Q10. How did life come into being?

Our planet earth was extremely hot in beginning and when it cooled down, it gave birth to life.

Q11. What does the writer tell us about life,?

the writer opines that human life started in simple organisms first which over the course of time grew more and more complex and in the end produced human beings who have aesthetic sense and noble hopes in religions.

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