Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about Drug business being carried out in your locality

In this article, I have given a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the narcotics business being carried out in your locality for the students of B.A and F.A of Punjab University.

 Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper about the Narcotics business being carried out in your locality.

The editor, 
The Nation,

Dear Sir,


I, the resident of street no/ 25, Chand Nagar, Lahore, crave the hospitality of the columns of your esteemed newspaper to invite the attention of the authorities concerned to the grave problem of drug trafficking in our locality which has created a problematic situation for all the residents of our area.

Some persons, a few months ago, hired a house in the busy part of the locality and started trafficking opium, charas, and heroin, but during the last three months, their activities have gained further momentum as they have been able to get the support of a police inspector who protects them from raids. It is for this reason that when we contact the police, the police do not cooperate with us.

They have not spared even the residents of the area. Their modus operand is that they first offer the drugs free of cost to young men. When they become used to it, they start selling it to them A number of young boys have now become drug -addicts. Seeing the future builders of the nation, in miserable plight, my heart bleeds.

So, I request the concerned authorities to take immediate action to stop this illegal and pernicious crime.

Yours faithfully, 

X.   Y.     Z

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