Important Essay on "Village Life in Pakistan" For F.A and B.A students of Punjab University.

 In this article, I have written an essay on village life. It is a very important topic for intermediate and graduate students. I have also given the outline so that a student can easily write an essay on village life. With the help of an outline, one can write an essay easily. 

Essay on village life


I. Introduction.
II. Charms of village life.
III. Simple and happy life.
       A. Houses are airy.
       B. Cool breeze lulls them to sleep.
       C. The rainy season is more pleasant.
IV. Peace and natural beauty in a village.
V. Life of struggle and poverty.
VI. Villagers are highly religious-minded.
VII. They play healthy games.
VIII. They enjoy pure food and fresh air.
IX. Drawbacks of village life.
       A. Unhealthy and unhygienic conditions.
       B. Not availability of medical facilities.
       C. No attention to education.
X. Conclusion

Essay on Village life in Pakistan

Village life offers a simple picture of life. A pure village is situated in remote areas of the country. It is a peaceful and silent place. It consists of unpaved paths and streets. Its houses are made of mud. However, now villagers have started to make their houses of bricks. Village people have simple habits. They are peace-loving citizens. They are content with their joys and sorrows.

Village life is very peaceful and full of natural beauty. There are green, trees, streams, and rivers in the village. The blossoming flowers, fragrant air, and the rising and setting sun all leave a healthy influence of the health of villagers. They feel happy in the company of singing birds and murmuring water. They enjoy long walks in open fields, valleys, and on the banks of rivers.

The village people enjoy a happy life in every season. In the summer, they rest under shady trees; they take a bath in cool water. They live in the airy mud houses which remain cold inspire of the prevailing heat of the sun. Summer nights in the village are really very pleasant. The people lie in the open and cool breeze lulls them to sleep. They are refreshed by a sound sleep.

In winter, the village people bask in the sun sitting or working in the open fields. The rainy season is very pleasant in the village,. The villagers bathe in the showers of rain. Children play games in the water. The birds chirp in fruit-laden trees. The whole atmosphere looks fresh and charming.

Village life is full of struggle and hardworking. The villagers are very hard-working people. Their main occupation is agriculture. They get up early in the morning, take out their plows and pair of oxen and go to their fields. All day long they work very hard in their fields. Some of them work in the fields. Of big farmers, while some others do the work of masons and laborers? Even children are of great use.

 They add a little to the income of the family. Women do household work like cooking, washing, grinding of corn, etc. In the evening the villagers sit in the “Chopal” and gossip around the Hukkah. They talk about their local problems. Sometimes they play on flute and enjoy themselves with its tunes.

The village people are religious-minded. They say the prayers regularly. They keep fast in spite of their hard life. They celebrate fairs and religious events with zeal and zest.

The village people play very simple but healthy games. Kabaddi, wrestling, races, football, and volleyball are the games generally played in villages. These games bring pleasure and remove dullness from their lives. Fairs, festivals, and remove dullness from their lives. Fairs, festivals, and marriages are their special occasions of rejoicing, merrymaking, dancing, and singing

The village people eat pure and wholesome food. The air is fresh and pure. There is no smoke from factories and mills. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, milk, and butter are available there. So, they enjoy good health and live longer.

Village life, however, is not without its drawbacks. Stagnant water surrounds every village. It becomes a breeding spot for flies, mosquitoes, and other insects that spread diseases. Then they don not have advanced medical facilities. Education is also not very common in the villages. So, the majority of the people living in the villages are uneducated, ignorant, and superstitious. They cannot keep pace with the changing trends of life.

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Most of its population lives in the villages. The farmers are the backbone of Pakistan. So, the government should look after the interest of the farmers. They should be provided with all the basic facilities of life. If we want to see Pakistan as a beautiful country, we have to save the village and we should give equal rights to the village people.

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