An essay on "Role of Media" for F.A and B.A. students

In this article, I have explained an important essay "Role of Media " with outlines. This is an
important essay for B. A and F. A. students. This is a very important topic for F. A. and graduate students. The students of B. A and F.A. can easily learn it with little effort because it is written in simple language.

Role of Media


I.  Introduction
II.  Scope of the role of media
III.  Important roles of media
     1.  Objectivity and detachment
     2.  Spreading of information
     3.  Spreading of Knowledge
     4.  Entertainment
     5.  Exposition of corruption and crimes
     6.  Preaching ofc morality and unity 
IV.  Suggestions
VI . Conclusion


Any source of conveying information is called media. Media has got great importance in the present age. Now media is called the fourth important pillar of a successful state. Media is playing a very important role new on national as well as on inte4national level.

Now we have a few branches of media. There are electronic media. It includes radio, television, the internet, etc. There is print media. It includes newspapers, magazines, etc. Both print media and electronic media are extremely important. It can make or break the government.

There are many important roles that media is playing and it should play. Firstly, the media should be free and fair. The media should adopt objectivity and detachment in reporting information. It should not include personal liking or disliking in the news. The media should report an incident honestly without adding or deducing anything. This is the most important role. Secondly, the media should spread information about every field. The media is already conveying important and vital information about agriculture, industry, showbiz, sports, crimes, etc.

Thirdly, the media should also arrange such programs as can increase the knowledge of the viewers. Especially electronic media should arrange lectures guiding tips for the learners and students. Fourthly, entertainment is also important. Print media presents interesting features, columns, and editorials. Moreover, electronic media present such programs as are full of entertainment. Comedy, dramas, comic songs films stage shows, tragic movies, etc. all can provide a lot of joy and entertainment to the viewers. Fifthly, an important role of media is to expose the crimes, corruption, theft cases, etc. so that the public may be fully aware of their surroundings. Moreover, the ratio of crimes will also decrease by the exposition of evil doings.

Now we discuss the problems that media is facing in Pakistan. In Pakistan media has never been utterly free. In Pakistan, journalists are threatened, kidnapped even killed. They are industrialists and Jagirdars etc. In Pakistan many local and foreign channels come into existence. They are providing fresh and up-to-date information and commentary on current issues. Owing to this development in media, the Pakistani public is getting well aware of the cleverness and hypocrisies of selfish politicians. During the reign or the government of Musharraf, medial was given the freedom to some extent. But when the government felt danger, the media was imposed some of the restrictions. But the media men are constantly struggling for complete freedom of press and media.

In short, we can claim that only free and fair media can establish political stability, awareness among the public, and justice in our society. In foreign countries especially in Europe and America, media is playing a constructive and vital role.

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