Essay The pleasures of college life for F. A. and B. A. students.


In this article, I have discussed the essay on The Pleasure of college life. This is one of the most important essays. This is very important for intermediate and graduate students.

Essay on the pleasure of college life


I.                    Introduction

II.                  The golden period of life

III.                Charms and pleasure of college life

A. Freedom and liberty

B. Difference between school and college

C. Students develop self-respect

D. Students develop a sense of responsibility

E. Extracurricular activities in college

IV.                A. debating society

B. literary society

C. students broaden their mental horizons.

D. Various societies cultivate the feeling of maturity and self-importance

E. College union gives them the quality of leading and scheming

  V              Conclusion

The Pleasures of College Life

If we ask an educated person about the best period of his life, he will certainly say that it is college life. The college days are called the golden days of man’s life. The students are concerned with eating, playing, and studying. That is why old people remember the days of college with feelings of pleasure, pride, and a sense of loss.

The principal charm of college life lies in an atmosphere of freedom. At the school level, the students lead a life of spoon-feeding. They have to work on the guidelines provided by the teachers. They work under a very strict discipline. The rod of the teacher always hangs on the head of the students. They do not enjoy free will. But in college, the students move to feel and act with freedom. They feel independent to think and do anything. The professors are friendly. They respect the students to give them freedom.

College life is a life of opportunities and choice. The students get a chance to make new friends and companions. In college, students come from different families. They have different backgrounds, temperaments, habits, and manners. When all the students mix with one another, they learn a lot from one another. They try to imitate the good manners of one another. In this way, they polish their habits and manners.

At the very beginning of their college life, the students are shy and timid. But with the passage of time, they become bold, active, and smart. They start discussing different topics of interest. In this way, they go on learning different things from books, their friends, and college teachers. They then develop a sense of responsibility for future life.  

In college, students get a chance to develop their minds. The college library the reading room, the hall, and a large number of books provide a scholarly atmosphere. Then there are various societies and clubs to sharpen the faculties of the students. There is a debating society that helps the students learn the art of making speeches. Then photographic society and literary society contribute a lot to training the students.

The college magazine is there to develop the writing power of the students. In extracurricular activities, juniors stand on an equal footing with their seniors, Debates, Qirat, and Naat competitions provide equal opportunities to all the students It creates among the students a feeling of maturity and self-importance.

The college union is another salient feature of college life. These unions develop the qualities of leadership in the students. At the same time, different games teach the students to obey the rules. They learn to tolerate land their lives become disciplined. The college arranges various tours and trips and in this way, the students learn many things about beautiful places in the country.

In short, college life is full of pleasure, freedom, and opportunities.

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