The Place of women in our society (Essay for B. A students)

In this article, I have explained an important essay on women's status in society or women's palaces in society. This is one of the most important essays and mostly is given in B. An examination. I have written this essay in simple language with quotations from Holy Quran. This is the best essay for preparation for the examination.

                                            The place of women in society

I. Introduction

2. Women's status in the west

3. Women's status in Islam

4. Quaid's remarks on women's status in society

5. Biology status of women 

6. Women in our village

7. Women in our cities

8. Status of married women in our society

9. Professions for women 

10. Conclusion

Before we discuss the present status of women in our society it is quite relevant to point out what place they occupied in the near past. It is pity that they were considered inferior to men and debarred from taking part in social life. Not only this, they denied the privileges of social and political life. and the sphere of their activities was confined to the four walls of the house.

 As far as women's status in western society in the past is concerned, they were treated with little respect. Thoms Fuller's following lines depict the status of women in quite a realistic way as literature is considered to be the mirror of society
A woman, a dog, and a walnut tree, 
The more you beat them, the better may be,
These lines are a vivid, expression of the fact that even in the west, which boasts of equality between both sexes, women are supposed to be man's slaves.

Our is a religion-oriented society and our religion, Islam, since its inception, has given women a respectable status in society and they are entitled to enjoy all benefits and joys that a good society gives to its members. Sura Nisa, the fourth section of the Holy Quran crystalized, women's status and rights. ; Moreover, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) glorifies women with this beautiful saying of his,

  Paradise lies under the feet of mother

Not only this, on the day of judgment, we would be summoned by the names of our mothers.

In Pakistan, women make up half of the population of the country and they are as important as men. we shall fail to march with time and make quick progress until our women for taking an active par in all spheres of life. the father of the nation, Quaid - e-Azam, once said, 

 A nation would reach the height of glory only if its women folk walk shoulder to shoulder with men

A large majority of our women, as men, live in villages and they help men flok who grow crops for us. they play a vital role in our rural economy. there is no doubt in it if we say that, without their active participation and co-operation, the labor of the farmers will not be fruitful.

Quite recently, women have started taking a more and more prominent part in the walk of life. In cities, most of the women, who wish to earn themselves, take up teaching or the medical profession. They, because of their mother nature, become good teachers for young children. 

Their gentleness and patiance also make them good doctors and nurses. They are:e also working in banks and offices. They are working in telegraphs and telephone operations. They render great services as social workers.

Married women mostly depend on their husbands in all important matters of life. If they try to have their will, their husband generally opposes them and, most probably there occur disputes and quarrels which, sometimes, end in divorce. So the status of married women is quite pathetic and miserable even in an Islamic society is exclusively due to the obstinacy of men.

It would be foolish to assert that the biological status of women in society is only to bear children and rear them. It is also unwise to claim that home and hearth is the ultimate end of women but it is equally ridiculous to assert that the proper place for women is in offices, banks, and other institutions.

To me, humanity will achieve its height and noblest ideas only if men cease to treat women as their property and begin to reard them as equals. They should be regarded first as human beings and then only as women. They should be given the opportunity and freedom to keep themselves away from the feelings of tension and frustration that may arise by remaining within the four walls of the house all the time. 

So if we want to make quick progress and march with the time, we should give women staus, they could feel proud but, at the same time, it is their duty to be good mothers, good wives, good sisters, and good daughters by showing high standards of modesty and nobility.

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