An Essay on Sports and Games for B.A. and F.A. students

In this essay, I have explained the essay on sports and games with outlines. This is one of the most important essays for B.A. and F.A students. This essay can easily remember because it has been written in easy language 

Sports and Games


I. Introduction

     A. Definition
     B. Sports and Games in the past
     C. Sports and Games in the present

II. Scope of Games and sports

     A. History
     B. Olympics Games 

 III. Advantages of sports and games

     A. Physical exercise and fitness
     B. Popularity, money, Professional
     C. Good image abroad
     D. Discipline, patience 

IV. Disadvantages

     A. Wastage of time and money
     B. Clashes, rivalry, fighting

V. Conclusion


Any physical activity which is done for exercise entertainment is called sports and games. Sports and Games are being played for centuries. In the past, people use to play different sports and games, sword-fighting, Harpoon fighting, wrestling, tip-cat, running and races used to be very common with the passage of time, now and new sports and games were invented and devised.

There are outdoor as well as indoor games. Indoor games like cards, Chess, Ludo, Darum, and Billiard. Now many tournaments and champion trophies, and world cup competition are organized throughout the world. Billions of people across the world watch these wonderful and interesting competitions. Different nations contest with one another for superiority. Even Olympics games organized after every four years.

There are many advantages to sports and games. Let us discuss these advantages one by one. In my view, the major advantage of sports and games is physical fitness and exercise. In this way, they keep physically fit and mentally strong. A player remains fresh, alert, and vigilant throughout the day. A healthy and sound body has a healthy and sound brain.

Secondly, sports and games made competent players famous on a national and international level. There are many players who got worldwide popularity and universal fame. Imran Khan, Sania Mirza, Pet Sampras, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Tigerwood, Shan Tendulkar, all are famous throughout the world.

European nations give a huge tribute to their football players. Later on, these public heroes indulge in welfare projects. They can easily raise funds for welfare projects.

Thirdly, a good player improves the image of the country in foreign countries. Fourthly, sports and games also teach discipline and patience. Players have to follow the rules and regulations while playing. In this way, a player learns important values.

There are also some disadvantages to sports and games. Let us discuss them one by one. In my view, the major disadvantage of sports and games is the wastage of money and time. If a student shows extra interest in sports and games, there will be a loss of his studies.

Secondly, some of the youngsters do not play fair. Therefore, there are frequent clashes and disputes among the youngsters of rival teams. This leads to serious outcomes. In short, sports and games are very important for a healthy society.

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