An essay on Information technology for B. A and F.A students

In this article, I have explained the very important essay on Information Technology with outlines. This is one of the most important topics for B. A and F.A students. This is one of the most important essays for the students of Punjab University. This is also an important essay for F.A. students.
Information technology (I. T) 

Information Technology

I. Introduction

     A. What we mean by information technology?
     B. Information technology in the modern age.
     C. Development in information technology.

II. Advantages of information technology.

     A. Quick information
     B. Increase in knowledge
     C. Entertainment
     D. Convenience in keeping a record
     E. Business dealing
     F. Job opportunities
     G. Online teaching and learning

III. Condition in Pakistan

IV. Suggestions

     A. How can develop I. T. in Pakistan.
     B. Support of the Government
     C. I. T. schools, colleges, and Universities

V. Conclusion

     A. I. T. is important for making progress
     B. March with the modern world


When we use different electronic devices to receive, store, and transmit information this whole process is called information technology. I.T. is used as an abbreviation of information technology. In the present age, we use computer systems, digital electronics, and telecommunication to store, process, and transmit information. We see a wonderful development in the field of information technology.

The USA. Canada, Japan, European countries, China, and even India have made tremendous progress and advancement in the field of information technology. They are inventing new machines with every passing day. They are also updating their old machines and systems. Almost all countries are paying attention to information technology.

There are many advantages of information technology. Let us discuss these advantages one by one. In my view, the major advantage of information technology is the quick information. Today we can get any type of information in flash. We can collect and send information very easily. We use the internet, mobile phones, computers fax machines, robots, etc. for this purpose.

Secondly, we can increase as well as update our knowledge and inventions. Now it is possible to contact foreign scholars, intellectuals, scientists, historians. Online teaching, learning, and testing are possible just because of information technology.

Thirdly, information technology is a source of entertainment also. We get new Software for video games. Now we can watch hundreds of T.V. channels. Moreover, through the internet, we can get every kind of snaps, pictures videos,s, and audio clips. All these things and entertaining material are available in a large variety and in large quantity. We cannot feel boredom while getting entertainment through information technology.

Fourthly, we can store a huge amount of data and office records very easily. Hard disks, USB, Floppies, and simple C.D.R. can save every kind of data. We do not need to maintain huge files. In this way, technology has provided much easiness in keeping data.

Fifthly, big companies are doing their business dealing with one another quite easily now. The services of different banks in transferring money have improved. We can withdraw money through ATM machines. The use of credit is another facility in business dealings among the sellers and the buyers.

Sixthly, information technology has created many job opportunities also. Many institutions of Information technology have emerged. Students are getting diplomas, certificates,s, and degrees in information technology. They are getting many jobs due to their expertness in the field of information technology.

Now we analyze the condition of information technology in Pakistan. Pakistan is a poor country and cannot afford to introduce Information technology on a large scale. However, efforts are being made to popularize it. The government is issuing loans to those companies that are relevant to these fields. Govt. is setting up IT centers in Government schools colleges and universities.

We can conclude by saying that information technology is very necessary for making rapid progress. It is important for information sharing. It is important for increasing modern knowledge. It is important for rapid business dealings. It is important for competing with other nations.

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