Essay on Women and the modern world for B. A. and F.A. students

In this article, I have explained the essay on women and the modern world with outlines. This is one of the most important essays for B. A and F.A students. This is one of the most important essays for those students who are doing their B.A form Punjab University. I have written this essay according to the demands of Punjab University.

Women and the modern world


I. Introduction

     A. Women in the past
     B. Women in the present
     C. Modern women

II. Scope of women and the modern world

     A. European women
     B. Asian women

III. Role of women

     A. The role in the medical field
     B. The role of women in media
     C. The role in politics
     D. The role in education

IV. The role of women in the development

V. Suggestions

VI. Conclusion


In the past women were considered inferior to men. Now this situation has changed completely. Now they are an important part of our society. There was a time when women could not participate in social activities. They lived in the four walls of their parents' or husband’s house. They only depend on their husbands and parents. Women have a better position now. Educated women are increasing with every passing day. That, way they are getting their right.

Now we have the scope of women of Asia and Europe. The women of Europe are freer than the women of Asia. They have their own right; they even marry after their choice. They are treated with men equally almost in every field of life. They can freely receive an education like men. They can do jobs and earn money for themselves. But the women of Asia are no are like the women of Europe. Most of the villager’s women are uneducated. They do not have many of the rights which women should enjoy. Very few enjoy independent positions as are owners of land property.

Women have played an important role in the modern world and even in the past. They are playing an important role in medicine. They are working as doctors and nurses. Many women have made their own clinics where they serve poor people. Women are an important part of the media. Women are working as newscasters, hosts, and program organizers.

They are work in dramas, films and shows. In fashion shows, they teach other women about the new fashion of the world. They have their own standard in politics. Our women have started taking part in the field of politics In this way, they want to serve their homeland and its inhabitants. Our women are playing a vital role in the field of education.

They are performing their duty as a teacher. They know better how to teach small children. They are teaching in primary schools, high schools and colleges, and universities. They want to spread the light of knowledge in every corner of their country. Many women are taking part in different games. Pakistan has hockey, cricket, and football teams of women.

I want to put forward some suggestions to improve the standard of women in our society. Firstly women should be proved chances of better education they should be made educated because of educated society can make progress in this modern world.

Freedom should be given to women. Because every human being is free. Women should be given the opportunities of jobs so that they may be able to enhance their income. In this way, the standard of women can be improved. Women should be given the right to inheritance. They should be free to take part in social activities.

So we can conclude that women have much importance in the modern world. For the development of our countrywomen have to be encouraged to participate and worked more for the progress and prosperity of the nation. 

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