An important essay on Mobile phone for B.A and F.A students

In this article, I have discussed an important essay on Mobile phones. This is one of the most important essays for F. A. and B.Students. I have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile phone. I have also given the outlines according to the international patterns.

Mobile Phone


I. Introduction

A. Definition
B. Telephone and mobile phone
C. Advance Device

II. Scope of Mobile Phone

A. Companies of Mobile Phones
B. Newer and newer models

III. Advantage of Mobile Phones

A. Easily moveable
B. A source of knowledge and information
C. A source of entertainment
D. A new source of employment
E. Source of earning

IV. Disadvantage of mobile phones

A. Increase in crime rate
B. Expensive
C. Useful only in specified health
D. Easy to get lost
E. Bad Effect on human health
F. Increase in accidents
G. Disturbance
V. Conclusion


The mobile phone is a modern device and source of communication and information. It is a revolutionary quick and easily available device now. It is an advanced form of telephone. Now, mobile phones are being used for conveying SMS, talking, etc. even in third-world countries. Now the mobile phone has become a necessity for any successful businessman.

Now we have a wide scope of mobile phones. We can buy a large variety of mobile phones. Almost every famous electronics company is manufacturing mobile phones on a large scale. These companies include Samsung, Nokia,

Sony Ericson, Thomson, Motorola, Siemens, and LG, these companies are earning in billions. As the demands of the mobile phone are increasing with every passing day.

Every year new models with better facilities are brought to the market. In the same way, different companies are providing connections at cheap rates. Some of the mobile phones are expensive and some are so cheap that even a man with a small income can afford to buy them. These companies include JAZZ, Telenor, Warid, Zong, and U-phone, etc.

The mobile phone has a lot of benefits and advantages. Firstly, the mobile phone can be taken and dept along with where ever and whenever a person wants. It is superior to handsets and PTCL telephone sets. Since it is without any wire, it is easier and convenient to carry and keep it. Secondly, mobile phones provide a variety of information like news, entertainment, and live commentary on matches. Some of the mobile phones have internet facilities.

Thirdly, it can be a source of entertainment as it provides a lot of games, ring tones, wallpapers, documentaries, audio-video movies, and digital cameras. It is quick and fast for this purpose. Fourthly, the mobile phone has also a source of employment. It has provided us many new resources of employment. Now a lot of people are earning through mobile phone as you tuber and blogger. You can make videos on mobile phones. Many people are working as a blogger and you tuber and earning a lot of money by sitting at home.

Now let us analyze, the disadvantages of mobile phones. Firstly, the use of mobile phones has increased the crime rate. Now the crimes are committed in an organized manner. Many criminals use mobile phones in criminal activities.

Secondly, it is still an expensive source of information. Crime Rates are still high. A common fellow of poor resources cannot afford it. Thirdly, it is useful only where there is no boaster of the concerning connections. Fourthly, the mobile phone gets lost very easily due to its small size. Fifthly, according to science, its rays are harmful to the human heart, and brain.

Sixthly, sometimes the users of mobile phones fall prey to accidents while listening to their calls when they are driving. Seventhly, mobiles phones also create disturbance for the other people. Its tunes can disturb the phone is also responsible of materialism.

In short, the mobile phone is a revolutionary development in recent years. It has removed distances and it has brought the people even close to each other. Though it has many disadvantages yet, we can say it one of the blessings and wonders of science. 

Secondly, Students waste their time watching movies and listening to videos on mobile phones. If a student has a mobile phone he wastes his time in using a mobile phone and his performance in studies is affected very badly. It is a waste of money also many people buy costly mobile phones but they are suffering financial crises in their social life. Mobile has advantages and disadvantages at the same time. we can say that mobile is like a gun, which can be used for the betterment of the people and at the same it can be used for creating violence.

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