Summary, Sample Solution according all Boards Try Again by William Edward Hickson

 In this article, I have given a sample of the summary try again written by William Edward Hickson. I am marking English papers of 9th and 10th classes for many years. This is the best sample provided by BISE and all other boards. I is noted that some students write very lengthy summaries with questions. This is not a requirement of boards to the point and a short summary is only required. The students get good marks when writing to the point and short summaries. This is the best sample of the summary according to all boards.

Summary Try Again

 William Edward Hickson wrote this beautiful poem. The message of the poem is universal. The poet says to try again until you succeed. Don't give up too easily. Persistence pays off in the end. Failure gives a good lesson to people to learn how to succeed. Failure is the teacher. It is common that you may fail at first because you have not experienced how to do a particular thing. Instead of quitting after you fail, you should learn from your failure instead of being disappointed. We cannot always be successful. It takes a while, to learn, to experiment, and to succeed. It is the reality that we have to face a lot of difficulties in order get our goals in life Try again and again is the key to success. Always try to get your goals and target by trying again and again.

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