Important Multiple choice Questions for 10th class

In this article, I have to give multiple questions that are very important for 10 classes. 

Objective Type

Multiple choice questions

Class 10th 

Q. 1 Choose the correct form of the verb and fill up the bubbles sheet:

Q1. (a) Choose the correct form of the verb. 5

(i) The sun____________ in the east.

(a) Rise (b) Rose (c) Rises (d )Risen

(ii) The teacher________ him yesterday.

(a)Punished (b) Punish (c) Punishes (d) will punish

(iii) The baby_________ for milk now.

(a) was crying (b)is crying (c) cries (d)cried

(iv) They have already___________ their home task.

(a) Does (b) done (c) do (d) doing?

(v) His father___________ before the doctor came.

(a) Dies (b) died (c) had died (d) is dying

6. If she -------- the exam, she would be able to enter university.
(a)  passed (b) passes (c) will pass ( d) have passed

7. Last summer, we ------ many places.
(a) have visited (b) will visit (c) visited (d) visit

8. They ----- us to their home yesterday.
(a) will invite (b) invited (c) invite (d) inviting

9. How long --- you been working in the garden?
(a) will (b) has (c) had (d) have

10. You ---- drive fast: there is a speed limit here.
(a) Must'nt  (b) shouldn't (c) wouldn't (d) have not

11. It ----- rain an hour ago.
(a) begins (b) began (c) begun (d) had begun

12. I take ----- my meal at night.
(a) did not (b) does not (c) do not (d) will not

13, He is ----- back next week.
(a) coming (b) come (c) will come (d) has com

13. A person who reports for a newspaper is called -----.
(a) doctor (b) news reporter (c) singer (d) teacher 

14. The man ----- you were talking to at the meeting is my cousin.
(a) that (b) what (c) whom (d) which

15. She ---- her examination by the nest winter 
(a) took (b) has taken (c) takes (d) will have taken

16. I ----- her in the plane yesterday.
(a) meet. (b) met ( have met (c) will meet (d) had met 

17. They already ------ their homework.
(a) do (b) is doing (c) did (d) have done

18. He ----- the tree daily.
(a) cut (b) will cut (c) is cutting (d) cuts

19. She----- her cat very much.
(a) love (b) loves (c) is love (d) do not love

20. I have already ---- the letter.
(a) post (b) posting (c) posts (d) posted

21. The boys ----- their home task.
(a) is doing (b) are doing  (c) was doing (d) does 

22. I --- in the plane.
(a) meets (b) has met (c) are meeting (d) met

23. If he offers me a job, I -- it.
(a) accept (b) will accept  (c) would accept (d) would have accepted

24. How long have you been --- here?
(a) wait (b) waited (c) waits (d) waiting

25. They ----  tea every morning.
(a) drink (b) drank (c) is drinking (d0 have drunk

26. Good students always --- hard.
(a) worked (b) work (c) have worked (d) is working

27. The sun ---- in the west.
(a) set (b) sets (c) setting (d) will set

28. They always --- back home late.
( a) comes (b) coming (c) has come (d) come

29. She --- since morning.
(a) has been sleeping (b) sleep (c) slept (d) has slept

30. I have already --- three cups of coffee.
(a) take (b) took (c) taken (d) had taken

31. He ---- twenty minutes ago.
(a) has been left (b) left (c) leave (d) leaving

32. She --- in this office for seven years.
(a) has been working (b) work (c) has worked (d) working

33. She ---- English now.
(a) speaks (b) speaks (c) is speaking (d) speak

34 I ------ the letter.
(a) has already posted (b) have already posted (c) have already post (d) will already posted

35. When shall I be ---- a gun license? 
(a) grants (b) granting (c) granted (d) grant

36. Children --- be shown around the zoo.
(a) will (b) was (c) have been (d) do not

37. She does not always ---- the truth.
(a) speaks (b) spoke (c) speaking (d) speak

38. I ---- him next Monday.
(a) saw (b) see (c) shall see (d) have seen

39. She ---- her cat very much.
(a) is loving (b) loves (C) love (d) shall love

40. She ---- since morning.
(a) will be working (b) had been working (c) was working (d) worked

41. It ---- to rain an hour ago.
(a) began  (b) has begun (c) begins (d) was beginning

42. It ---- at present. 
(a) rains (b) was raining (c) is raining (d) rained

(B)  Choose the word with correct spelling and fill up the babbles sheet

1. (a) Destitute (b( Destetite (c) Distuete (d) Dutisete 

2. (a) Follow (b) followw (c) folowe (d) folowa

3.  Ancesstors (b) Ancesters (c) Ancastors (d) Ancestars

4. (a) Might (b) Mieght (c) Meight (d) Maighe

5. Exchenge (b) Exchange )c) Excheng (d) Ekchange

6. (a) Adres (b) Addres (c) Address (d) Addrres

7. (a) Rtecepient (b) Reicepient (c) Racipient (d) Recipient 

8. (a) Essociation (b) Association (c) Essociation (d) Issociation

9. (a) custemeary (b) customery (c) Customory (d) Customary 

10.(a) Tewezer (b) Tweezer (c) Tezwere (d) Tewzeer

11. (a) Pressure (b) pressur (c) prassure (d) Pressure 

12. (a) Enfaction (b) antaction (c) Enfecshon (d) Infection

13, (a) Boardcast (b) Broadcast (c) Bordeaste (d) Bardocast

14. (a) Pronunce (b) Pronounced (c) Ponounce (d) Pranounced

15. (a) Luxury (b) laxury (c) Lexury (d) Lusery

16. (a) Cirtain (b) Cartain (c) Certain (d) Certein

17. (a) Fartile (b) Firtile (c) Fertile (d) Furtile

18. (a) Contest (b) cantost (c) cuntest (d) centest

19. (a) Priority (b)Praerity (c) pewiwiry (d) Prayrity

20. (a) Pasitive (b) Postive (c) Pustive (d) Positive

21. (a) Motevation (b) Motivation (c) Motivition (d) motivasion

22. (a) Dynmaic (b) Danmic (c) Dynamic (d) Dynamic

23. (a) Trends (b) Trands (c) Trunds (d) Trands

24. (a)  Servey (b) sarvay (c) survay (d) Survey

25. (a) Verious (b) Various (c) Various (d) Vareious

26. (a) Akademic (b) Acamic (c) Academic (d) Academik

27. (a) Leseure (b) Leizare (c) lezire (d) Leisure

28. (a) Saparate (b) Saparat (c) Seiparate (d) Separate

29. (a) Demise (b) Dimise (c) damise (d) dimise

30. (a) Defi )b) dify (c) Defy (d) Dufy 

31.(a) Prasonar (b) Prisoner (c) Presoner (d) Prisonor

32. (a) Imprve (b) Improive (c) Improve (d) Imrprev

33. (a) Production (b) Prodaction (c) ;rldlctkl  (d) Pruductiohn

34. (a) Surety (b) Surty (c) Surrty (d) Shurty

3. Choose the correct option and fill up the bubbles sheet:

1. The syoym of " Foe" is:
(a) Relative (b) Enemy (c) Friend (d) Companion

2. The syoym of " ancestors" is
(a) antecedent (b) forfathers (c) predecessor (d) children

3. In Chia celebration can actually last up to---------
(a) Weed (b) Month (c) fortnight (d) Year

4. Through cleanig reducing the risk of ---------. 
(a) Rash (b) allergy (c) antiviotic (d) Infection and tetanus

5. The word debris means
(a) Rubble (b) Mud (c) Samd (d) Send

6. Keep soap out of actual --- 
(a) Wound (b) injury (c) cut (d) Scrapes

7. The antonym of mighty is--
(a) grand (b) strong (C) weak (d) powerful 

8. He advised the equitable plane for setting the black stone. The underlined word meansp
(a) privileged (b) reasonable (c) law (d) favourite

9. The synonym of 'reward' is --.
(a) fine (b) pinality (c) prize (d) punishment


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