The Essay " The causes of Failure of Democracy in Pakistan


In this article, I have given one of the most important essays for the students of F. A and B. A.  of Punjab University. The causes of failure of Democracy in Pakistan. This is one of the most important essays for B.A student in 3023.

 The causes of Failure of Democracy in Pakistan


I. Definition of Democracy
II, The objectives of the existence of Pakistan
III. Causes of failure of democracy
IV. People, in general, have become fed up with this system
      A. The system, which we have today, has nothing to do with democracy
      B. Lack of literacy
      C. Feudal system
      D. No respect for4 constitution
      C. Non- influential apportion
      E. Corrupt politicians 
      F. Other factors 
V. Conclusion

Pakistan come into being on August 14, 1947. this piece of land was obtained to set up a democratic system where people would run the affairs of the state, and all the Islamic injunctions and teaching would be strictly followed. People would mold their lives according to the tenets of Islam's Flawless system of justice. minorities would be free to practice their respective religions and promote their culture, fundamental human rights would be granted and the judiciary would be all authoritative and independent.

The tragedy is that all these basic principles of Islamic democracy in our country the government, which came into power in 2947, were either the or riggling which is a great joke with our democracy, and through the ages, it has always been a failure.

The intellectual of this country in particular and the people, in general, have become fed up of this system and now they are spontaneously remarking that democracy has failed in Pakistan. The fact is that in the present system, our politics have become a trade and a form of business. It has become almost impossible to step into assemblies through elections. They say that the system prevalent in our country since 1947  seems to have nothing to do with Islam or democracy. Democracy does not come by merely using the name of democracy which we have been doing.

The successful working of democracy anywhere is possible when the people, as a whole, are educated and well-informed. It is the ugliest fact of our social life that more than 80%  of our people are either thoroughly illiterate or only some of them know how to write their names. They do not understand what is happening around the country or in the world.

They can't vote intelligently. What is the use of elections in which people are not expected to elect the most suitable persons of the assemblies? it is, therefore, said that democracy cannot succeed if the people are not educated.

Another cause of the failure of democracy in Pakistan is Zamindari or the feudal system which allows the big landlords. Lives of millions of labourers and ormsers working under them. The members of our elected national and provincial assemblies have mosly been feudal lords who have always 

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