Essay on Technical Education for F.A and B.A students.

 In this article, I have written an essay on Technical Education. This essay is very important from the examination point of view. I have written this essay for the students of F. A and B.Students particularly. 

Technical Education


I. Introduction 

     A. What is meant by Technical Education

II. How it differs from liberal Education,

II. Advantage of Technical Education

     A. It solves the problems of unemployment.

     B. It makes the students studious.

     C. It makes the students self-supporting

     D. They learn the dignity of labor

      E. Technical Education saves foreign exchange

IV. Disadvange of Technical Education

V. Some useful suggestions

VI. Conclusion

Technical education may be defined as the practical application of general principles and methods of scientific studies to the teaching of some trade, profession, or handicraft. The importance of such training in a country like ours is obvious. Therefore, it is crime to make education merely liberal and to make our boys and girls unfit for manual work.

An American thinker has said, "There are two obvious kinds, of education, one makes teaches us how to live and the other how to make a living"

 Unfortunately, in our country, we are taught more about how to live than how to make a living. We are taught to know and learn the plays of Shakespeare Milton's poems, historical events, and chilis poetry, but very little of how to drive an engine, handle a machine, or work at a loom in some weaving factory.

Another practical advantage of technical education is that it saves a lot of foreign exchange which, at present, gives to pockets of foreign technicians. In the absence of locally trained men, we are compelled to import foreign technicians. So keeping in view, the multiple advantages of technical education.

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