Write a letter to the Director ( College) to be the Chief guest on annual sports day.

In this article, I have given an important letter for the students of F. A and B.A.  Write a letter to the director of colleges to be the chief guest on the annual sports day. This is a very important letter for the students of F.A. and B.A. 

Write a letter to Director ( Colleges ) to be the chief guest on the Annual Sports day.

                                                                                         Govt. College,
                                                                                          A.  B.   C
                                                                                          March 20, 1023

The Director ( Colleges)
City A.   B.   C

Subject: Request to be the chief guest on the college sports day


The college sports committee, as usual, is holding its annual sports from the 25th of march to the 31st of march in the green lash ground of the college and, in this connection, all arrangements have been made. All players are in high spirits and giving much exertion on their respective events.

I, the coordinator of the member of the college sports committee comprising the worthy lecturers and our D.P.I., on the behalf of our college principal, will feel highly obliged to you if you are good enough to take the chair and be our chief guest on the auspicious college sports day. Your presence and patronage, on the one hand, will encourage the participants and players and, on the other hand, double the festivities of the function.

I hope you will consent and write to me accordingly so that I may issue the necessary notices announcing you as the chief guest on our college sports day.

Yours Faithfully,
X.   Y.   Z.
Coordinator, college 
Sports  Committee

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