Important Idioms for F. A Part 11 and B.A students

In this article, I have given the important idioms for the students of F. A. and B.A. I have given all the important idioms that can be selected in the examination. I have made sentences in very simple language so that all students can remember them easily.

Important Idioms

 1. A. B. C (Basic knowledge)

He does not know even the A.B.C of English.

2. Bed of Roses ( joyful)

It is true that life is not a bad of roses.

3. A Bone of contention. ( Reason of Dispute)

This property is a bone of contention between two friends

4. Above board ( without doubt)

His honesty is above board.

5. A Jailbird ( Habitual criminal)

My friend is Jailbird.

6.  A near-miss failure

Your previous failure was a near miss, so you should try again.

7. A wild goose chase

It is just a wild goose chase for you to convince that wise man.

8. Add fuel to fire

My friend is in the habit of adding fuel to fire.

9. A casting bote

The chairman used his right of a casting vote.

10. Add insult to injury

If you add insult to injury, he will not bear it.

11. After one's own heart

He married a girl after his own heart.

12. All and sundry

All and sundry came to the village fair.

13. All in all 

A principal is all in all in the college.

14. Alladin's lamp

Those who dream of Aladin's lamp do not succeed.

15. Alpha and omega

The alpha and omega of Islam is that Allah is one and Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is His last Prophet.

16. Apple of discord 

This house is the apple of discord between two brothers.

17. Apple's of one's eyes

Being the only son Ali is the apple of his parent's eyes

18. Animal spirit

In annual games, the players showed animal spirit.

19. An axe to grind

he has always an axe to grind in all matters.

20. At a lose end

Many young men are at a lose end in Pakistan.

21. At a stone's throw

He lives at stone's throw from his college.

22. At daggers drawn

Both the friends are at daggers drawn nowadays.

23. At large 

Nowadays murder is at large in the city.

24. At the Eleventh hour

The doctor reached at the eleventh hour and saved the patient.

25. Back out 

You should not ack out your promise.

26. Bad blood 

He tried to create bad blood between two friends.

27. Bad debt

The money which I gave him is a bad debt.

28. Bag and baggage

He has left this country bag and baggage.

29. At sixes and sevens

The books in the room were lying at sixes and sevens.

30. Be done up

Her hair was done up beautifully.

31. Be taken a back

He was taken aback on seeing his wife with some stranger.

32. Beard the lion

My friend is in the habit of bearding the lion.

33. Be taken in

I was taken in by her outer innocence.

34. Beat about the bush

Do not bear about the bush, come to the point.

35. Beat the air

You should not waste your energy by beating the air.

36. Better half

My friend says that his better half is very beautiful.

37. Bird of passage

He will not settle in this city because he is a bird of passage.

38. Bird's eye view

I have had a bird's eye view of this book.

39. Black sheep

In every class, there are black sheep.

40. Birds of feather

Birds of a feather flock together.

41. Blow hot and cold

He often blows hot and cold with his friend.

42. blow one's own trumpet

He is in the habit of blowing his own trumpet always.

43 Blue blood

He belongs to a good family and has blue blood in his viens.

44. Bolt from the blue 

His father's death is a bolt from the blue for his family.

45. Bring to book

The culprit will definitely bring to the book.

46. Bring home

I shall bring him home his mistake.

47. Bring to light

All his misdeeds were brought to light in court.

48. Broken reed

I cannot trust him because he is a broken reed.

49. Burn one's fingers

If you oppose me, you will burn your fingers.

50. Burning question 

Load shading is a burning question these days.

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