Write an application for one month's leave

In this article, I have given the letter to the principal for one month's leave. This letter is important for the students of F.A. and B.A. I have written this letter in simple language so that every student can learn it very easily.

 Write an application for one month's leave

                                                                                            Examination Hall,
                                                                                             A.    B.   C. (City)
                                                                                             April   25,    2023

The Principal, 
Govt. Islamia Degree College,
A.     B.    C    (City)

Subject:        Application For One Month's leave


I have been feeling unwell for the last so many days. My family physician, who has been treating me, allowed me to attend college in the beginning but now, keeping in view the chronic disease I am suffering from, he has suggested complete rest till the restoration of my health. As the improvement so far is exceedingly disappointing, he has recommended on month's leave.

You are, therefore, requested to kindly grant me one month's leave. The medical certificate, issued by my physician who is a registered medical practitioner is enclosed.

I have been a very regular and punctual student so hardly missing any lecture would not affect the required percentage.

                                                                                Thanking in anticipation,
                                                                                 Yours Obediently,
                                                                                  Roll No.    X.    Y.     Z.

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