Essay My College Library for F.A. and B.A. students


In this article, I have explained how to write an essay on the college library. It is a very important topic for intermediate students. I have also given the outline and explained how to write an out of an essay. 

My college library


I. Introduction

    A. The Libray is an asset for a college

    B. The library is a need for students and teachers

II. MY College Library

     A. It is well-stocked and well-arranged

     B. It is a completely separate block of college

     C. It is sub-divided into three sections

           1. Reference sections

           2. Reading room

           3. New- board

III. Our librarian is a well-read and cooperative person

VI. Our teachers also help the students in the selection of books

V. We are proud of our library


The library is a part and parcel of every college. It is in reality a storehouse of knowledge. Well-stocked books of all types. The books of literary, scientific, historical, political-religious, and social are available in the library. We also find books on fiction, art, painting, and music in the library. Newspapers and magazines are also available in the library. So, a library is a great place for learning. A good library is very important for teachers and students in order to improve their knowledge. They can increase their knowledge by reading in the library during their free time. They read books from the library.

We are very fortunate to have a good library in our college. It is well stocked with books, magazines, periodicals, etc. There are nearly 30,000 books on all subjects. Books have been arranged nearly in proper shelves and almirahs. The books have been arranged according to their subjects. Students can find any book easily. They can go to the library, select a book of their choice, and get it issued.

The library in our college is housed in a separate block of the college. There are several rooms in the library A room is allotted to the reference books. These books cannot be taken home. Students study from them in the library and take notes from them. Another room is meant for teachers. A fairly big room is attached to the library. Then there is a small room where a very large table is placed. This is the reading room

 There are so many newspapers and magazines that are arranged properly in this tale. Students sit for their choice. There is a news board also on which the important news of the day is written. Our learned librarian also writes her thoughts of the day. A fairly big room is attached to the library.  The library assistant issues books to the students.

A good librarian is also very necessary. The librarian of our college is a well-read person. He knows the nature of most writers and their books. He helps students who find difficulty in finding books.. Our teachers also help the students with the selection of books. under their guidance, the students develop a taste for the selection of good books.

All the students of our college have been issued a library card. Each student can get two books issued on this card at one time. These books are issued for fifteen days. If a student does not return a book on the due date, he is fined. If the books are torn or misshaped, the students are directed to replace the books. Library security is received from every student for this purpose. There are many textbooks also in our library. These are of great help to poor students. The students who cannot afford to purchase these books can get these books issued and study at their homes.

All the students of our college are proud of our college library. In our free periods, we rush to it and read magazines and useful books. The pleasure of reading books is a strange and novel experience of life. 

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