How to write an good essay on "Life in the college hostels" for F.A and B.A. students.


In this article, I have written a very important essay "Life in the college hostel" This is a very important topic for intermediate and graduate students. I have also discussed the pros and cons of college hostel life. I have also discussed the advantage and disadvantages of college hostel life.



I. Introduction

II. Benefits and pleasures of hostel life

     A) Students develop a sense of confidence

     B) Students learn discipline and punctuality

     C) It trains the youth for practical life.

     D) It provides a proper opportunity to study.

     E) It is a life of mutual understanding and co-operation

III. Different activities in a hostel

     A) Common room facility

     B) Annual contests and competition

IV. Disadvantages of hostel life

     A) Misuse of freedom

     B) Unhealthy and uncomfortable living

      C) Misuse of students by political parties


Hostel life is the most enjoyable life for students. The students who do not get a chance to live in a hostel miss valuable and memorable pieces either live in private lodgings or in a college hostel. It is like a home for them. It is the world in itself.

Hostel life improves the student's confidence. Here the students are not under the close check of their parents. he has to do his work with perfect independence. He has to make his own bed, polish his own shoes, press his clothes, and manage his daily affairs of life.

Hostel life makes punctual to the students. It gives practical training to a student in his mental, moral, and spiritual development. He is bound to study during study hours. he can not go outside after certain hours of the night. In this way his habits become regular and he is disciplined.

Hostel life trains the youth for practical life. There is a hostel superintendent but his control is nominal.  Hostel administration is totally in the hand of senior students. they are called prefects. Those students who participate in hostel administration learn a lot of organizing skills.

Hostel life gives a special opportunity for students to study properly. There is no disturbance in the hostel and a student can study devotedly. One can also take help from his senior students in the hostel. Then there is a reading room in every hostel. Many daily newspapers and magazines come there The boarders can enrich their knowledge by means of this informative reading material.

Hostel life is a life of understanding and accommodation. When a student enters a hostel for the first time, he finds himself among strangers. There he learns to make new friends. he also learns to face those with whom he does not feel fit for his company. Students come to live in hostels from various places in the country.

 Each student brings his own culture, traditions, and language with him. The students belong to different families having different temperaments backgrounds and habits. When the students mix together, they try to imitate the good manners of one another. In this way, they polish their habits and manners. 

The common room of the hostel has an attraction of its own. Boarders enjoy playing indoor games like table tennis, carom, ludo, etc. Then there are annual contests and competitions, among the hostel students. Prize distribution functions are held every year to award the prizes to the boarders who have shown brilliant performance in various fields of hostel life.

Hostel life has its disadvantages also. The hostel students misuse their independence. Some waste their money on gambling and drinking. They become careless about their studies because they have no checks in hostels and some involve in negative activities.

Some hostels do not provide a healthy environment for the students. They do not concentrate on their studies due to crowded rooms. Sometimes roommates having different temperaments fail to compromise with one another.

Our political parties use students for completing their personal purpose. They form parties and groups. The political parties provide them weapons. They give them shelter. The students then use these weapons in their petty quarrels. But despite the disadvantages of hostel life, we cannot deny its educative value.

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