Essay on The importance of games in life for F.A and B.A students.

 In this article, I have written an essay on "The importance of games " This is a very important topic for intermediate and graduate students. 

Essay on Importantnceof games


I. Introduction
II. Games are very essential for good health
III. Games teach us the spirit of sportsmanship
IV. Games teach us discipline
V. Games develop the quality of leadership
VI. A source of recreation and enjoyment
VII. Importance of games cannot be denied
VIII. Games cultivate the passion of patriotism
IX. They are a source of moral training also
X. Conclusion


“Health is wealth “is an old saying. Games are very essential for good health. All students should play games. Students who play games remain healthy They can develop a muscular body. A Person who plays games can also get a sound sleep which is the sign of good health. Thus games are good of body as knowledge is the food of the mind. Games keep our bodies active, alert, and smart. It has been rightly said that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Games also teach us the spirit of sportsmanship, because both the winner and the loser enjoy playing the game. A good player does not boast when his team is winning. Similarly, he does not lose hear if his team is losing. So games teach us the spirit of patience and courage.

Games teach us discipline and regularity. Games teach us a sense of discipline because only a disciplined team can hope to win.

Young boys and girls can also develop the quality of leadership through games. Similarly, the players can also learn to obey the leader just like the disciplined soldiers. So, a player becomes a man of principle. He always respects the rules of life.

Games are also a very good source of recreation and enjoyment. Games refresh us. When a player is engrossed in the game, he forgets all his worries and anxieties. Thus games divert attention from worldly affairs and worries.

Games are very essential for students. Nobody can deny the importance of games. If they play games, they learn all the good things in life. They develop their personality and sense of loyalty

It is, therefore, very necessary that our government should try its best to popularize games in our country. The students should be taught the value of games at the grassroots level. They should be a skill. Only in this way we can train good players and thus good citizens.

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