The use of As and When in English with examples and exercise.

 In this article, I have explained the use of with exam As and When ples and exercise. I have also explained the meanings of As and When with examples. I have also given examples and explained how to translate Urdu sentences into English. At the end of the article, I have given the exercise.

The use of When and As

The use of 'As' and 'When'


We use when and as to introduce a subordinate clause.' When, and As are mostly used with past indefinite tense. When we use when and as before the main clause they are usually followed by a comma. We can use it when and as before the main clause and after the main clause.

 Difference between 'As' and 'When'

'As' is used in the sentence in which a task is to continue. 'When' is used in the sentence in which a task has been completed.

The use of 'As'

When two events happing at the same we use As in the sentence.

Examples of 'As'

  • As the teacher entered the classroom, all boys kept silent.
  • As she grew up, many proposals are made to her.
  • As the car of the leader came near, the people started slogans.
  • As spring came, new leaves began to appear.
  • As the police came, he ran away.
  • I watched him as he entered my home.
  • As you go out, I turned the light.
  • As I left college, the principal came.
  • As we started the study, you came there.

The use of 'When'

When one task has been completed and another action started after one action has been completed, we use when in the subordinate clause.

Examples of 'When'

  • When the teacher had gone out of the classroom, students started a noise.
  • When she had grown up, she was married off.
  • When the leader has come, the people welcomed him.
  • When spring had come, flowers started to appear everywhere.
  • When the poet recited his poem, people started clapping.
  • When the speaker has completed his speech, the people started slogans against him.
  • When I reached home, I took a bath.
  • I had left the house when he came to see me.
  • I had completed my task when you came to see me.
  • We had left the city when the rain started.

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