The use of " In order to " with examples and exercise for B. A students.

 In this article, I have explained the use of In order to with examples and exercise. I have also explained the meaning and use of In order to with examples.

The use of In order to

The use of "In order to" in a sentence 

(Used to express a purpose)


 'In order to' is used when we describe the purpose of something in a sentence. 'In order to' has the same meaning which 'with a view to' has. 'In order to' can be used instead 'with a view to' because 'it has the same meaning that 'with a view to' has. The sentence in which, in order to' is used has two clauses, the main clause, and a subordinate clause, 'in order to' is used in the subordinate clause. In order to introduce in a subordinate clause. The infinitive or the first form of the main verb is used after In order to'.


Main clause + Infinitive Clause + Purpose

'In order to' in negative sentences

When we make the Infinitive clause negative we use Not after the word order. For example In order not to.


I started my own business in order not to settle myself.

'In order to' at the beginning of the sentence

In order to or an infinitive clause can be used at the beginning of the sentences. If 'In order to' is used at the beginning then a comma is used between two clauses.


In order to get good marks, you must work hard. 


1. I went to his house in order to convince him. (Purpose)
2. I proposed to her in order to make her a part of my life. (Purpose)
3. I woke in order to finish an interesting novel. (Purpose)
4. I spent many years in order to bring her round. (Purpose)
5. I wasted an hour in order to wait for her. (Purpose)
6. I have waited for many years in order to see you prosperous. (Purpose)
7. He has to eat fruits in order to satisfy his hunger. (Purpose)
8. She has to work hard in order to achieve her goal. (Purpose)
9. The parents have to bear pains in order to make their future bright. (Purpose)
10. The father brought his children to the zoo in order to see the animals. (Purpose)
11. The guard has to be alert in order to watch the children. (Purpose)
12. He decorated his house in order to attract others. (Purpose)
13. I need your feedback in order to improve my self. (Purpose)
14. we should use more water in order to be healthy. (Purpose)
15. He locked the door in order to relax. (Purpose)
16. She is doing a job in order to support her family. (Purpose)
17. Did you work hard in order to get good marks? (Purpose)
18. They have to get up early in the morning in order to complete their target. (Purpose)
19. He reached late in the meeting in order to avoid the questions of the people. (Purpose)
20. He gave up his job in order to go abroad. (Purpose)

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